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Word of the Year

“Many people fail to achieve their goals because they identify an outcome without also identifying the underlying motivation of that outcome. Without knowing your intentions, you make it too easy to sleep in instead of going to the gym, or let blogging fall by the wayside when more important things seem to come up (they always will).”

-Wild Words, a writing/blogging resource, shares insight from Forbes

Check out the words from fellow faculty and staff that encouraged them to be their best self during 2019. Share the acitivity with your teams and see what other inspriation is at work!

Words Around the UC Community

Check out what other faculty and staff members set for their intentions this year.

Trust & intentional

"Intentional towards conscious attempts to live according to my values and beliefs.  Trust in knowing I'm right where I'm supposed to be."

-Karole Moore, Institute for Policy Research

Balance, recovery, present, positive, care-free.

"I want success in all areas of life in 2019 (balance).  I want to stay positive and care-free during times of struggle.  I want to be present during all great moments life has to offer.  Lastly, I want ot remind myself of the importance of recovery."

-Nick Messinger, College of Pharmacy

Positivity, clear, intentional, aligned, grace.

"I found myself feeling overloaded and negative at the end of 2018.  I chose positivity and clear to remind myself to remain focused and good in 2019.  I want to also remember to give myself and others grace to assist in positivity."

-Sarah Wolfe, UC Blue Ash Student Engagement

Pause, love, rest, grow, live.

"I want to enjoy the present, grow as a person, and love those around me."

-Traci Wiess, Student Activities & Leadership Development

Persevere, balance, intentional.

"2019 is the year I become a mom.  I am very aware of how big of a life change this will be so I'm hoping through being intentional, striving for balance, and persevering I will be the best version of myself!"

-Lacey Tomlinson, EM Advising & Academic Services

Grind, selfless, serenity, bold, advance.

"Motivation + personal growth + peace"

-Michelle Woods, Student-Athlete Support Services

Balance, patient, joy, encourage, rest.

"I feel these words can apply to both my home and work life to make my day to day life.  Words I need to remember time to time!"

-Christy Swanson, UC Blue Ash Advising

Vessel, connection, disciplined, intentional, purpose.

"An intentional vessel, disciplined by connection and purpose.  In 2019, I want to be shaped mentally, physically, and spiritually to be used by God to grow His Kingdom."

-Jennifer Scott, Corrections Institute

Content, grateful, healthy.

"Be grateful for what I have, content with who I am and hwat I have.  I need to improve my health for my family."

-Elizabeth Warning, Medical Laboratory Science Program

Strength, persevere, joy, balance, team.

"Plan to strengthen muscles and improve body activities by joining a basketball team, and keep on the training weekly.  In addition, change food components by increasing the proportion of vegetables and fruits, and reducing calories."

-Xiaolei Liu, Internal Medicine - Pulmonary

Settled, honest, kinder, mindful, accepting.

"I want to appreciate all of my friends and family, and accept myself."

-Amy Dennison, CCM's Education for Preparatory & Community Engagement

Try, challenge, open, happy, experience.

"My words relate to each other and what I want to change for this year.  In the past, I seem to have gotten complacent and comfortable with routine.  This year, I w eant to put more of an effort in trying to be open to new experiences and opportunities toxperience the "now" and to live in the moment, to challenge myself to be the happiest I can."

-Lauren Thomas, College of Business Academic Student Advising

Purpose, passion, inspired, thankful, happy, joy.

"I am at a stage in my life that I want simplage things, not material, such as being inspired to continue to be me and make a positive impact in any way I can."

-Betty Bauer, Finance

Kindness, peaceful, patient, thrive, present.

"2019 is a big year for me.  I will be getting married and graduating with my MBA all while working full time.  It's important to me that I enjoy every moment and not let stress take me down or manifest in harmful ways."

-Brieanne Sheehan, Office of Research


"I want to find peace in all aspects of life: work and at home."

-Anonymous Bearcat

Joy, patience, growth, love, family.

"Family is everything!  I don't want to forget that."

-Lora Alberto, DAAP

Lead, inspire, motivate, purposeful, connect.

"They are work focused words that help to frame, shape, and ground me. As a division team director, it is my goal to lead, inspire and motivate my faculty and staff. Additionally, my goal is to be more purposeful with connecting to others on campus that can help me grow as a director, faculty member, and leader."

-Anonymous Bearcat

Patience, peace, acceptance, connect, presence.

"2019 is a year that will inevitably be very challenging for me.  My role as a caregiver for a terminally ill family member has taken a higher priority and brought unintended stress, despite the fact that I love being able to care for them.  I know this year will be busy and uniquely stressful emotionally and physically.  My intentions are set to remind me to be present and soak in every moment instead of wishing away time or spending time being anxious about the future."

-Loren Papin-Schaber, Arts & Sciences

Jesus, patience, love, rest, joy.

"I chose Jesus first because I need to remember to always put Jesus first in my life, and yes, at times I need the reminding. You see my mother has Parkinson's and my life as a care giver can get VERY hectic, especially since I work 3rd shift and take care of her during the day! However, when I remember my first word, Jesus, every other word I chose falls into place. Remembering Jesus's love for me increases my [own] patience for my mother and her condition. As my patience increases, my stress level lowers. Only then am I able to rest and sleep better (AKA not worry so much) and when my rest and sleep increases my overall joy, increases exponentially. That is why I choose the words Jesus, love, patience, rest, and joy!."

-Tobbs Chapman-Johnson, UC Clermont Janitorial

Resilience, balance, mindulness, present, gratefulness.

"I want to focus more on being present in the moment, let things go that I have no control over, and appreciate the good in my life."

-Laura Molander, CCM Costume Shop Production

Purpose, intentional, gratitude, healthy, connect.

"Renewed interested in financial stability and plan for future well-being.  Also want to focus on the important relationships in my life while improving balance and decreasing stress."

-Emily Noehring, College of Medicine

Energetic, joyful, encouraging, helpful, thrive.

"These are all things I strive to be or do that can be pushed down by obstacles or negative thinking.  I want to contribute to my community and my personal relationships with this 2019 mood."

-Jane Fancher, UC International

Learn, grow, give, joy, bicentennial.

"At UC, we have many opportunities to Learn and Grow, from formal classes to Staff Success Center, Be Well UC, UCAAMP, Communiversity, and learning from our colleagues and our students.  We should also watch for opportunities to Give, like UC Day of Giving April 2nd and UC Serves May 17th.  We can find moments of Joy in each day, even in those that are challenging.  I feel that this is a very exciting year to be a member of the UC Community, as we celebrate our Bicentennial!"

-Amy Tasset, Enrollment Management

Action, focus, self-care, purpose, grow.

"I am determined to take action and really focus on what's important to grow my purpose while taking care of my needs."

-Kimberly Rhyan, HEMI

Happy, healthy, joy, balance, love.

"I want to feel happiness and joy again in what I do and who I am.  I need to learn to balance my work and personal life so I can be healthy.  I want to love myself again the way I used to."

-Nicole Smith, Public Safety

Pursue, balance, joy, focus, work hard.

"I am starting graduate school thsi year and it's a big adjustment!"

-Kelly Cantwell, Public Safety

Balance and persevere.

"Balance as part of my healthy (new) lifestyle to prevent diabetes."

-Melissa Berling, Human Resources

What's Your Plan?

Make time for wellness -whatever time you can - and you'll start to see the benefits.  We all have our barriers, but also all have our motivations.  What are yours?  It's never too late to work on your wellness.  Check out ways to do just that:

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