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Health Coaching

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Health Coaching is an opportunity to plan, grow and evolve in an effort to reach goals you've set or want to set for yourself. Our coaching program is telephonic and allows you to set aside time as it fits into your schedule to speak with someone who is outside of your network and interested in helping you find your best self. We hope you'll enjoy YOUR experience as you work toward wellness!

Quote: And so the adventure begins

Schedule your 30-minute call now on Sign-Up Genius, a free online tool. You're welcome to sign in as a guest and skip making an account! All information submitted is only viewed by our Health Coach.  

How to prepare for your appointment

Our Health Coach has put together several optional resources that can help you to decide what you want to discuss during your call or as you are working through your goals on your own time. Pre-work documents are NOT REQUIRED but can help you to focus on what is important to you.

The Who, Why, and How of Coaching

Health coaching is a conversation focused on your needs on topics like: physical activity, nutrition, work/life balance, or your current health status and how to improve upon it. Coaching does not replace the advice provided to you by your regular health care providers, but rather serves as a supplement.

Ashley San Diego is our Wellness Specialist, and also certified Health Coach and Certified Health Education Specialist with a Master's Degree in Health Promotion and Education. She understands the value of "free" time and will help keep your 30 minute call on track with follow up resources provided. If a question is beyond her scope, she will gladly help research the appropriate referral. All conversations from coaching strictly confidential.

Set up a call now - and "meet" Ashley yourself!

  • 30 minute calls are scheduled on an as desired basis. There is no commitment to continue to call in - that is something you decide and can discuss with the Health Coach.
  • Visit Sign-Up Genius to book your call today. You are welcome to register as a guest - no account is needed.
  • If you do not see a time that fits your schedule, we recommend you check back, or reach out to to determine alternative times that may work.

Testimonials from your UC colleagues!

Individuals who have participated in Health Coaching since our initial pilot in 2016 want to share their experiences with you.  Please see the below comments which may help to shed light on what coaching is all about! (Note: our clients provided the below statements to be shared, however, we have done so anonymously to maintain the confidential promise of the coaching experience.)

“Ashley is very knowledgeable and put me at ease when talking about my concerns. After our call, she sent me a number of great resources, including wellness tracking sheets and recipes specific to my diet. The coaching call prompted me to start making changes in several areas of my life and to create a network of support.” Health Coaching Client

“I felt that my coach was really interested in tailoring a program that was suited my individual needs and had built-in accountability. She helped me be fair to myself and encouraged me to stay on track.” Health Coaching Client

“Health coaching has provided me a roadmap for managing a recently identified food allergy, and has outlined ways I can incorporate healthy habits into my day-to-day activities. The holidays, traveling, and eating out were creating more complex challenges that I was having difficulty managing. My first coaching call provided me with an action plan and strategies for managing and talking about food allergies.  The result was a social and fun holiday meal centered around family and friends, not a family visit feeling anxious or self-conscious about what I am eating or more importantly… not eating.   It was great to talk with someone who could assist with tips on managing social activities and allergies.  I felt energized, grateful, and ready to make more changes.” Health Coaching Client

“My health coaching call helped me to strategize about ways of including more healthful habits–large and small–in my daily life.” Health Coaching Client

“I signed up for the one-on-one health coaching, but I was a little apprehensive prior to the call because I was nervous about sharing my personal information with someone I had never met. However, the health coach who I spoke with was great and she made me feel completely comfortable. She gave me a lot of ideas and encouragement. After the call I felt better and more motivated to work on my health and fitness goals.” Health Coaching Client

“Participating in a health coaching call helped me to identify times in my schedule where I could fit wellness in so I could make the first steps toward more healthful habits.  It was also encouraging to have help in identifying what to eat/drink before and after a lunch work-out.” Health Coaching Client

"Health coaching calls helped me get started on a consistent weekly exercising/wellness routine. I had started many times and failed but when I called the health coach, she helped me identify baby steps that helped me ease into a consistent wellness routine. I have noticed a remarked raise in my energy levels and have lost a couple of pounds in 3 months." Health Coaching Client

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Thanks for your interest in this new program offering from Be Well UC. If you have any questions prior to your appointment, please contact