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Optional Coaching Resources

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Unsure of where to get started? Looking for a tracker or tool to reflect on where you're at?  Below you'll find OPTIONAL Health Coach Worksheets that can help you to identify your priority areas to focus upon. 

Additional tools and resources will be added occasionally, so feel free to check back often!

Our health coach is happy to help you fill the worksheets in over the phone if you'd rather talk it out with someone. Pre-work is NOT REQUIRED to particpate in a health coaching call.

Health Coach Worksheets

Get Started Today - Quick Assessment

If you've never done health coaching or an unsure of topics to discuss with a health coach, this quick to fill in handout may help you to decide where to start.  Consider priorities in your life, both professionally and personally, and then narrow that down to a few topics for your call.  The last question prompts you to think about habits you could drop to help you be more successful.

Lets Get Started Worksheet

Self-Care Check In Questionnaire

This brief questionnaire will allow you to see what you may already be doing really well to take care of yourself, and areas that could use a little help.  A few prompts at the end will shed light on what you can do to make a difference for yourself.  Checking in with yourself is something recommended to do on a quarterly basis.

Self-Check In Questionnaire

Taking the Next Steps

For just a moment, consider your old self.  What do you like, dislike, notice about how you used to be.  Next, you'll jot down a few notes about your current self - what's going well, what you may want to change, and anything that may be affecting your success in the present.  Last, what does your future self look like?  Making note of where you wish to be can help you achieve it!

Taking the Next Steps Handout

What's Holding You Back?

This worksheet asks that you set a few goals for yourself - physical activity/exercise, food/drinks and mental health and wellness (you're welcome to choose other categories).  Next, you'll consider what are the barriers you may have, what you can do to overcome them, and how confident you are on a 1-10 scale that you'll achieve it.  Revisit this to see your progress and to make improvements along the way!

Whats Holding You Back Worksheet

The Not To Do List!

So many of us make lists about our lists - yet forget or put off making steps to get things off the list. This quick worksheet may help you to identify things you can delegate or really never belonged on your list in the first place.  Find ways to clear your plate, and as Elsa said: "let it go!"

The Not To Do List

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