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Eating Well is all about finding the right mix of foods to help energize you throughout the day and to keep your body functioning at its best.  This page shares helpful, easy to follow information about healthy foods and the importance of a diverse diet from reputable resources, including some from UC.  Learn more about how to make your health your top priority as it’s the best tool you have for a successful, happy life!

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Make this summer your healthiest one yet!

Summer Eat Well


Farmers markets, gardens, and local grocery stores are full of fresh, healthy, and delicious produce in the summer. Getting produce locally is a great way to buy organic, save money, and support your local farmers.


What happened to the pyramid?

The former food guide pyramid was replaced by an image of a plate in 2011 with a new concept and website,, which has a goal of reminding us how to make healthier choices, appropriate portion sizes, and how to keep our meal times in mind as we make those choices.

There are many very helpful resources on the website - here are a few to get you started:

  • Healthy Eating on a Budget - get ideas for how to make healthy choices without breaking the bank, including this really helpful toolkit.
  • 10 tips for making better beverage choices - what we drink is very important, and easy to lose track of the calories and content.  This handout is a great reminder for making healthy drink choices.
  • Portion distortion quizzes 1 & 2 - learn about how out of control our portions are and how to make great choices when given a portion a bit larger than recommended.
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Five Dollar Fridays: How to Eat Well at the Dining Halls

Five Dollar Fridays flyer

Visit the UC Food Services page for more information


Healthy Salads
  • Have a Plan: Check the menu before you go! UC has the menu for both dining halls online, along with nutrition information and ingredients. If you forget to check beforehand, walk around and check out all of the options!
  • The Salad Bar is Your Friend: Get your veggies in first to help you feel full! Skip the croutons and heavy dressing, and try seeds/nuts, and a light vinaigrette dressing instead.
  • Seconds: Are you really still hungry? Be mindful when eating, and try to keep your portion sizes realistic to help prevent you from overeating. Drink a glass of water and wait 10 minutes before eating again.
  • Know What's In Your Food And How It’s Prepared: UC's menu committment provides healthy, great tasting food through a team of experienced chefs and dieticians. The dining halls accommodate to certain dietary needs  to find foods that fit your life.

  • Balanced Meal: Try including a protein, carb, and fat each meal for a balanced meal. For proteins, try: baked chicken, turkey burgers, or tofu. Add in sweet potatoes, brown rice, and veggies for a carbohydrate source, and pair with avocado, nuts, or seeds for  healthy fats.

  • What You Drink Is Just As Important: Skip the soda! Although tempting, a glass of soda will only add empty calories, plus tons of extra sugar. Stick to water, coffee, or tea to help decrease your caloric intake.

Grocery Store Game Plan

Create Your Menu

  • Prefences- write down daily plans of your favorite meals and snacks
  • Dietary needs- guidlines suggests filling half of your plate with fruits and vegetables and the other half your plate whole grains and protein.
  • Lifestyle- be realistic, identify which meals you need to be prepared for on-the-go and which will be at home or stored in temperate control
  • Check out this sample meal plan from
  • Here is a blank menu planning worksheet

Make a List

Healthy meals can be made simply and at low-cost. The lesser ingredients, the simplier the prep and lower the cost.

  • Create a list of ingredients that you need to purchase based on the meal's recipe, and items you need on a weekly basis
  • Check the cabinets and refrigerator for what you already have
  • Be sure to stock up on stable items like milk, eggs, and seasonings
  • Here is a printable grocery list to get you started
  • Check the paper and supermarket websites for coupons to save money


Shopping carts

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Shopping list
Looking for some more help? 

Here are additional resources and tools that can help you live a healthy lifestyle and make good decisions for your health.

Have questions? Contact Us – we’re here to help you succeed!