Defeat the Seat

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This March we are focusing our goals around our Defeat the Seat Challenge. Have you heard the phrase "sitting is the new smoking?" Well, it is time to get up, get moving and help our bodies function better. This challenge is designed to make us aware of the time we spend in our chairs and encourage us to breathe, stretch and move!

Resources to Help You Get Moving


Click on these images for downloadable and printable tips on how to incorporate breathing, stretching, and moving throughout the day!

"Sitting is the New Smoking"

Studies show that long periods of unbroken sitting puts you at greater risk for chronic diseases. Taking short walking breaks each hour conteracts many of these negative effects!

Check out some of these resources about the risks of sitting too much, how it affects your health, and how to sit less and move more!

March Programming

March Programs
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March 2017

National Nutrition Month

March is National Nutrition Month!
  • provides a lot of details about national nutrition month, Watch videos, play games, and get tip sheets and handouts!
  • Want to have some fun while you learn about food and nutrition? You can even incorporate your kids! Click here to check it out!
  • Celebrate National Nutrition Month with! Bite into a healthy lifestyle everywhere you go with many resources avaiable on their website! Make sure to click the link above.

Mini Heart

Mini Heart
Downtown Cincinnati: Sunday, March 12!
  • American Heart Association says "Life is why we walk. You can refer to all of the resources listed above to incorporate more movement into your work day! 
  • Wanting to participate in the Mini Heart this year? Here is the link to register: 2017 Mini Heart Cincinnati Registration
  • If you are curious about what the Mini Heart is or want more detailed information, here is the link for more! 2017 Mini Heart Cincinnati Details