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**New Bearcats Landing Site is Live!**

Check out the new Be Well UC site on the new Bearcats Landing intranet!
Click the hyperlink or visit and search “Be Well UC”.
This page will no longer be available as of June 30. 


Our Mission

Be Well UC will educate, support and empower faculty and staff to make healthy lifestyle choices while building an overall culture of health for our campus and community.


Who's Running the Show?

Be Well UC is run by two full time employees of the university, with supervision from our Benefits Director. We work with a wellness portal vendor, Alyfe Wellbeing Strategies, to allow for greater accessibility and reach across campus.

Learn more about our team and how to connect with us.

In addition to our staff, we rely on our Advisors & Ambassadors to be our "boots on the ground," helping us to get the word out and help normalize participation in wellbeing programming. Our Ambassadors help us to post programming, share emails, and encourage colleagues to make healthy choices throughout the day and participate when the time is right. We hope you'll consider joining our team, with minimal time commitment and the reward of knowing you're making an impact on campus.

Wellness Ambassadors

Awards Earned

Be Well UC is proud to have earned some honors along the way for our work to provide a comprehensive, voluntary wellness program on campus. Check out our Awards Earned and know you are participating in a program that strives to serve you!

Healthy Ohio Award

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