2018 Incentives

Lifestyle changes take work, and we know that. Do what you can, when you can - and know every step you make is a step toward a healthier, happier life! Be Well UC offers many opportunities and resources to help you achieve your goals.

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Please note: Be Well UC is a free, voluntary, incentive based wellness program with programming open to all and incentives available to all active employees who are enrolled in the UC Anthem medical plan. Learn more about the program, your eligibility, and the incentive payout on the Be Well UC Eligibility and Program Overview Document. Policy statements available on the portal website.

Step 1   Step One

Complete Health Assessment and Tobacco Affidavit.

  • Both are required to earn additional incentives. 
  • Both are available to be completed on the Alyfe portal.
  • Also known as the "First $50".
  • You can work on Step 2 before completing Step 1.
  • Paid quarterly onto your paycheck: APR 2018, JUL 2018, OCT 2018, JAN 2019

Step 2   Step Two

Earn up to $200 by completing and tracking activities of your choice throughout the year (1/1/18-12/31/18):

  • Points are tracked within the Alyfe portal
  • 1 point = $1. Minimum 50 points for payout. 
  • Points can accumulate prior to completing Step 1; however, Step 1 must be completed to earn the Step 2 incentive.
  • Activities are available online and in person.  See the Step 2 Overview below for details.
  • Paid annually onto your paycheck: JAN 2019

Earn an extra $50 for the ENGAGEMENT BONUS!

To earn this, the below must be completed:

  • Actively engage and participate in the Alyfe portal 10 out of 12 months
  • Complete Step 1 and Step 2
  • To earn this bonus, you must be employed and enrolled in the UC medical plan by 3/1/2018.
  • Paid annually onto your paycheck with your Step 2 incentive: JAN 2019

Step 2 Overview

Read below to learn about available wellness activites and when/how points are awarded.  

View the downloadable Incentive Plan document to the right, which outlines how to earn the incentives and the number of points awarded per activity.

2018 Incentive Structure
2018 Incentive Structure

Get started on the Alyfe portal by clicking the button below!

Viewable in portal upon completion

  • Complete Health Assessment on the Alyfe portal
  • Complete Tobacco Affidavit/Acknowledgement of Tobacco Cessation Resources on the Alyfe portal
  • Create and track a Health Goal within the portal, including drinking water, eating fruits or vegetables, tracking minutes of exercise or completing strength training exercise
  • Complete a workshop on the Alyfe Well-Being portal

Viewable in portal upon entering

  • Complete a preventative exam – e.g., annual physical/well check, vision, hearing, mammogram, colonoscopy, etc.
  • Log your Dental Exam/Cleaning
  • Get a Flu Vaccine
  • Participate in pop-up events/programs
  • Participate in volunteering activity on your own such as at a church, assisting at a fundraising event, or participating in a fundraising walk

Program Submitted:
Viewable in portal after first week of the following month

  • Participate in 1:1 or group health coaching sessions
  • Engage with the “Ask a Dietitian” or “Ask a Personal Trainer” on the Alyfe portal
  • Participate in a Challenge within the Alyfe portal
  • Participate in a Choose Your Own Challenge
  • Attend various Be Well UC and other UC sponsored events (e.g.,  Lunch & Learns, Benefits & Wellness Fair, Dash & Bash, 9/11 Stair Climb, Helping Hands, and more!)

Be Rewarded With More!

Want to earn more for investing in your wellness?  Take a look at the additional opportunities to get even more from the Be Well UC program!  Rewards can vary.  Please see the details below.

Complete Step 1 in the new Alyfe portal by 2/28/18.
  • All those who do this will be entered in a drawing to win a $10 gift card!
  • Additonal entries to win for those who have joined the listserv by this date.  
  • 2 winners will be randomly selected each week in January and February 2018, and will be notified via email.
  • PLUS you will earn your "first $50" in April 2018 on your paycheck!
Complete the First Impressions Survey on the Alyfe portal by 2/28/18.  
  • All those who complete the First Impressions Survey will earn 10 points!
  • Points will be added at the end of each month in January and February 2018 to your account if completed.
Go the “extra mile” and earn over 400 points by 12/31/18!  
  • All eligible employees who earn 400 or more points will be entered to win a $50 gift card!
  • 5 winners will be randomly selected in January 2019, and will be notified via email.

Have questions?  Contact Us – we’re here to help you succeed!