NEW in 2018: quarterly themes!  Our themes will include a challenge and an event and will help to reinforce the importance of wellness everyday.

Quarter 2: Dare to Care

Caregiving is a hard task - whether for yourself or for others.  Learn more this quarter so you can work to be your best self while looking out for those around you as well.


Quarter 3: Inspire and Empower

We hope each employee finds what inspires them to feel empowered to choose healthy habits daily.  As we each make wellness a priority in our lives, we become an example that others around us can strive to be.

Quarter 4: Disconnect to Reconnect

Technology is integrated with our daily lives, making screen time higher than ever.  With the last 90 days of 2018, this theme reminds us to reconnect with those who are important to us.

2018 At a Glance

2018: Brief Overview

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2018: Detailed Overview

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