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Work Well and Learn it Live

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Wellness is something we all likely know we need to do, but often have a hard time finding the time to make it a priority.  Bring wellness to your department, providing options "closer to home." We encourage supervisors and managers to host Work Well or Learn it Live sessions to demonstrate their awareness and support of a well workforce, and to help connect employees with valuable, available on-campus resources.

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You pick the topic, we bring wellness to your department!

What is a Work Well session?

  • Typically 10-90 minutes in length, can be added onto a training, meeting or retreat, or stand alone.
  • Lecture/presentation style format with resources provided.
  • Common topics requested (but not limited to): Movement vs. Exercise, Defeat the Seat, Sleep for Safety & Health, and Going from To Do to Done. New and exciting topics are available!

What is a Learn it Live session?

  • Typically 30 minutes in length, added onto something else or as a stand alone offering.
  • Small group, interactive, coaching-like style with wellness topics presented in a "bite-sized" format.
  • Rather than being talked to, participants will talk with the facilitator, engaging throughout the session.
  • Common topics requested (but not limited to): Breathing for the Brain, Mindful Eating, Meal Planning, Sleep Health, Growing Gratitude, Minute to Win It and the Power of Habit.

Getting Scheduled:

  • Email with dates and times that would work for your team and topics your team would be interested in.
    • For personalization of materials, 2-3 weeks’ notice is helpful.
  • Each presentation is tailored to your group's needs and availability.
  • We recommend scheduling either before or after an already planned meeting or event, as your team will already have time set aside.

Benefits Work Well, Choose Well sessions are also available. 
Learn more on the Benefits Events page.

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Did you know:

  • Employers with work site health promotion programs see about 27% reduction in sick leave absenteeism, 26% reduction in health costs, 32% decrease in workers’ compensation and disability claims (American Journal of Health Promotion).
  • More than 75% of employers' healthcare costs and productivity losses are related to employee lifestyle choices (Centers for Disease Control & Prevention).
  • To be successful, employees need to know they have a commitment from the top and they must supported by those that directly supervise them (WELCOA).

Employees that Serve Together Work Well Together

Create the ( shares how important for our health participating in community service can be. Reduce stress, experience the “happiness effect” and get active!

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Departmental, Self-Driven Challenges

Create your own challenges within your office or department - AND EARN BE WELL UC POINTS!

We know competition can add a little bit of fun to working toward wellness and also know that the timing of when our challenges run don't always work out for everyone.

Tailored, interactive challenges will be provided for your department to choose from with all the tools you'll need:

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