2020 State of Ohio Minimum Wage Increase

The State of Ohio will be issuing a state-wide minimum wage increase on January 1, 2020. This increase will only affect the State of Ohio. 

  • The current minimum wage is $8.70 per hour.

The Department of Compensation will run a program within UCFlex in early January 2020 to update those Student Workers and/or Work-Study Students with a combined rate less than $8.70 per hour. However, please make certain as of 1/1/20 to hire any type of Student Worker to a minimum rate of pay of $8.70 per hour. 

For Work-Study Students, 25% of the base rate is budgeted by the department while the other 75% of the labor cost is part of the student's Federal Work Study Financial Aid Package. 

If you have questions, please reach out to the compensation team at hrcomp@ucmail.uc.edu, or you can call directly at 513-556-0263. 

-Eric Christensen, Manager, Compensation