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Salary & Equity Reviews

Salary Review - New Hires

A department may set the starting salary up to, and including, the midpoint of the salary range for an unclassified candidate who exceeds the minimum qualifications of the position. Compensation must review and determine salary offers above the midpoint of the range, prior to offering a salary.

Promotional Reassignments

When an unclassified employee is promoted, the salary will be increased by a minimum of five percent (5%). In addition, if an employee is promoted via the recruitment process, the Compensation department will allow the hiring department the flexibility of adjusting the incumbent’s salary up to and including the mid-point of the pay scale group associated with the new position. The Compensation Department’s approval is required for any promotional increases in excess of these guidelines. 


  1. Salary review or reclassification requests may be submitted by an employee’s manager to the appropriate VP Designee. 
  2. The VP Designee will review the request and then send the form and supporting documentation to
  3. Compensation will review the request within 30 days of receipt.
  4. Compensation will analyze the request and will communicate a final determination to the VP Designee, in writing.   

Equity Review

Equity Reviews are used to make sure an employee is “equitable” within the internal (UC) and external (industry) market. This process helps to ensure that salaries are internally consistent and externally competitive. 


  • What is the market for the position?
  • What is the performance of the incumbent?
  • What is the incumbent’s current placement in the range?
  • Is there ample budget to absorb the new salary?
  • Would there be an undue impact on the organization? 


1. To initiate an equity study, a written request must be sent to the VP Designee.

2. The VP Designee will then submit the request, in writing, to the Compensation Department.

3. After review, the Compensation Department will communicate a final determination to the VP Designee (both verbally, and in writing).