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Service Anniversary Recognition Program

The University of Cincinnati's Staff Service Anniversary Recognition Program is an important component of our overall recognition process.  We encourage managers to take an active part in expressing appreciation and gratitude for his/her employee's enduring commitment, dedication, and contributions to the ongoing success of UC’s mission and vision.

Service Award Process

Manager Responsibilities

  • Manager notification emails are sent to the employee's manager 5-7 days prior to the staff anniversary dates. This email contains the employee name, anniversary date, and resource links.
  • Managers will recieve a service lapel pin with the employee's years of service and a certificate to present to the employee.

Employee Responsibilities

  • An email from Engage2Excel is sent to the employee on his/her anniversary date that provides details to select a service gift from their online catalog.
  • Reminder emails are sent 30, 60, and 75 days after initial notification of gift selection. If a selection is not made, the employee will be sent a default gift.

Additional Recognition Resources

Recognition Gift Ideas

  • Purchase a gift card or a UC logo gift at the UC Bookstore
    • Phone: 513-556-1291
  • Purchase tickets to a UC athletic event
  • Purchase tickets to a CCM event
  • Purchase a program package from Campus Recreation
  • Provide lunch at UC locations such as Kingsgate Caminetto or Mick and Mack's, etc.

Vendor Contacts

Any additional questions, concerns or issues with an ordered service gift should be directed to:

The Engage2Excel Company
Ashley Warren

Phone: (800) 370-7961
Fax: (704) 872-3652

All other recognition related questions should be directed to the HR Leadership Development department

Frequently Asked Questions

UC Financial Policy

It is the responsibility of the manager and employee to know and follow the UC financial policies.  Refer to the University Financial Policy 3.3.1 and complete the form, Reporting Cash Equivalent and Taxable Non-Cash Rewards/Bonuses to Payroll, when appropriate.