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What is the Manager Academy?

Our leaders play a critical role in advancing the mission of the university. They have significant responsibilities in formulating and administering policies and programs, as well as managing people and processes. As the University of Cincinnati strives to become the employer of choice, developing leaders who are capable of shaping the future of the organization is essential.

To help refine and define the skills and capabilities for success, the Staff Success Center team is excited to announce the launch of the Manager Academy. This four track series is based on the critical skills and knowledge our leaders need to attract, retain, manage, and engage our employees – an important asset for our continued growth and future. The Manager Academy focuses on strengthening leadership performance as well as developing and refining skills and knowledge.

The Manager Academy series includes the following tracks:

  • Rules & Tools - Coming Soon
  • Foundations for Leading Others - Coming Soon
  • Manage & Engage Others - Available Now
  • Lead & Inspire Others - Coming Soon 

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do I Participate?

Participation in the Manager Academy is easy! 
  • Select the development track you are interested in from the buttons above and click on the button to vist that webpage.
  • From the development track's webpage, download the PDF Checklist & Registration Job Aid.
    • This Job Aid has a checklist of all the open enrollment courses required to receive the certificate associated with the development track. 
  • Register for each workshop you need to complete to earn your certificate via SuccessFactors Learning
  • When you have completed all required courses in your selected development track email your completed PDF form to
  • Twice a year we will hold a special ceremony for Manager Academy graduates where you will need to present a 5 minute PIAT (Putting it all Together) presentation to recieve your certificate.