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Why was the Manager Academy developed?

UC leaders play a critical role in advancing the mission of the university. Developing leaders who are capable of shaping the future of the organization, developing their people, and administering policies, processes, and programs is critical. Research shows that organizations who invest in the development and professional growth of their leaders are more successful in the long run. Additionally, an employee’s, relationship with his/her manager is the single most important factor in employee engagement. Successful managers create successful teams and organizations. 

I’m not in a leadership role at UC. Can I participate in the Manager Academy?

Registration through SuccessFactors Learning for Manager Academy courses is limited to those who have direct reports in UCFlex. Participation in each course requires the participant’s manager’s approval via SuccessFactors Learning. If you are not currently a manager, but are interested in participating in the Manager Academy, please discuss with your supervisor. Exceptions are made on a case-by-case basis with justification from your direct supervisor. Please email for more information.

Will completing a certificate guarantee me a pay raise, promotion, or any additional compensation (i.e. a bonus or stipend)?

Completion of any of the certificate programs does not guarantee a pay raise, promotion, or additional compensation. Participants will gain a broader, more thorough knowledge base around management functions that will help them succeed in current and future roles. 

Is the Manager Academy mandatory for managers at UC?

The Manager Academy is not mandatory but is required for success for those in leadership positions at UC. Supervisors encounter ever-changing legal implications, and the Manager Academy will help to mitigate liability and supervisory challenges. Additionally, the university encourages all leaders to not only invest in their own professional development, but also the professional development of those that report to them. 

What are the topics covered?

A list of courses included in each certificate program will be listed on the Manager Academy website once finalized. An overview of each certificate program and the goals and objectives for each certificate are listed on the Manager Academy website.

Why do some courses have a cost associated with it?

Courses with associated fees are for vendor-purchases courses to cover the cost of materials such as workbooks, job aids, tools and resources, assessments, etc. There is no additional charge over and above the cost of the materials themselves.

How long do I have to complete the courses for each certificate program?

We recommend completing all courses within a certificate program within 18-24 months. This helps to ensure retention of the material as well as improving implementation back on the job with what is learned in the course. Core courses are offered approximately once per quarter, and recommended additional courses are offered approximately once every four months. Courses are offered on rotating days, times, and locations to make finding an option that works for your schedule easier.

What if I already attended a course that is part of one of the certificate tracks in the past? Does it count towards the certificate?

If you have already attended a course that’s a part of the certificate program, you do not need to attend it again. Your previous attendance will count towards the completion of your certificate. If you would like to attend a course again as a refresher, that is an option. Please email for more information and next steps.

How do I let the SSC team know that I’m working on a certificate and which one?

You do not have to let the SSC team know that you are working on a certificate ahead of time. Use the checklist for each certificate to track completion of the courses. Once all courses are complete, follow the instructions provided to inform our team. Verification will be provided via our registration system.

Once all courses are complete, you will be invited to attend a finale celebration and present a 5 minute P.I.A.T. (Putting it All Together) presentation sharing how you have implemented what you learned back in your office. 

How do I register for the classes in each certificate program? Can I register for more than one at a time?

Registration is available through SuccessFactors Learning. You may register for as many classes as you’d like at one time; some classes that require a prerequisite course may need your manager’s approval for the prerequisite before you can register for subsequent classes. 

How much work outside of the classroom experience is required?

Some workshops may require a prework assignment in order to engage the adult learner in the concepts being discussed, and prepare them for discussions or activities based on the assignment. Information on prework will be emailed to participants at least one week in advance of the workshop date. Note: Prework is considered a part of class participation and should be completed during work hours, just as the in-person classroom session is to be completed during work hours.