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Outside Activity Report Education

The Outside Activity Report (OAR) provides an account of collateral employment while holding a position at the university.

University employees may engage in collateral employment and activities consisting of service within the university that is outside the scope of the individual's normal employment or outside the university during the normal work week so long as it is approved in advance and does not represent a conflict of commitment. Collateral employment and activities must be reported and approved whether performed more or less than one day per week.

OAR Approver Educational Video

Information & Resources

The OAR System now uses HR data to route an employee’s outside activity report to his/her supervisor for the first level of review and approval. This is a welcomed change as supervisors know their employees’ university responsibilities and may have first-hand knowledge of activities they engage in outside of work. 

Supervisors should access the 5 minute OAR Approver Training video on the left side of the screen to prepare them for this new responsibility.