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Core (Level 1)

Core provides a foundational, comprehensive overview of the myriad issues HR professionals face on a day-to-day basis. This series focuses on enhancing Human Resource compliance monitoring, tracking and record keeping, general knowledge and coordination of Human Resource functions, and how to respond to inquiries and advise on University processes.

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  • Explain Paradigms
  • Describe the flow of the UCHR Academy
SMART Goals:
  • Describe the value of effectively written performance goals
  • Apply the SMART goal framework to create specific and measureable goals

  • Distinguish between UC time off work and a Leave of Absense (LOA)
  • Locate applicable UC work rules and FMLA info on HR website
  • Explain UC LOA (UCFlex) actions, reasons, and applicable rules
  • Recall which LOA process applies to each LOA type
  • Explain unique issues which apply to LOA processing
  • State UC’s return to work process

  • Describe each step of the recruiting process
  • Construct a well-designed job posting to attract a target audience
  • Identify where to strategically advertise to reach the target audience
  • Analyze applicant resumes to identify positive features, red flags, and whether the applicant is a potential candidate
  • Describe the benefits and challenges of conducting phone screens
  • E-learning prerequisite required

  • Assess, compare and select top candidates in compliance with fair and equitable hiring practices
  • Prepare the offer for the top candidate, including salary and other compensatory options, to secure the selected candidate
  • Demonstrate the ability to write BBI interview and follow-up questions
  • E-learning prerequisite required

  • Use a positive discipline approach to managing performance
  • Recognize the critical importance of written documentation
  • Explain the manager referral program options offered through Impact Solutions
  • Utilize best practices for preparing a Performance Improvement Plan (PIP)

  • Enhance interpersonal relationships in the workplace
  • Learn a set of interaction process skills that enable you to conduct more successful discussions that achieve results
  • Use a technique for providing specific, meaningful feedback that helps people improve their performance and increase productivity

  • Learn the basics of compensation, our structure and philosophy
  • Answer four key questions when creating a position before contacting compensation
  • Describe five key characteristics of a job description
  • Describe the position types at the university
  • E-learning prerequisite required

  • Explain your role in preventing and responding to harassment and discrimination
  • Identify which situations merit additional assistance or resources
  • Leverage a simple acronym to help you address situations involving discrimination and harassment
  • E-learning prerequisite required

  • Explain how to document performance issues
  • Illustrate the difference between objective and subjective language
  • Produce proper, factual documentation
  • Recall what questions you must answer when calling Labor Relations or your HR Business Partner when putting an employee on a Performance Improvement Plan (PIP).

  • State the four main ways managers can retain good employees
  • List seven key reminders to help manager separations
  • Utilize the Retirement Process Job Aid to assist with retirement processing
  • Apply best practices with regards to the operation side of Voluntary Separations
  • Describe best practices with regards to an employee rescinding a resignation or retirement

  • Explain supervisory responsibilities of the Work-Related Injuries and Illness Advisory 12.2
  • Illustrate the process of reporting an incident from beginning to end
  • Describe how to report time off work accurately and to return the employee to work
  • Locate available UC resources

  • P.I.A.T. Project (Putting it all Together).
    • This 3-5 minute final presentation provides the participant the opportunity to share lessons learned and how they are applying the concepts from the HR Academy to their day-to-day tasks.
  • Awards Ceremony

Core + (Level 2)

Core + curriculum is currently in development. Please look forward to this exciting, advanced HR function certificate program.