COVID-19 Updates:

Office Etiquette

As some UC locations and more organizations across the nation are moving to a more Open-Office environment, the UCHR Leadership team has provided some helpful tips to make the most out of your and your co-workers’ work day.


Open Office Photo

Ask before you brainstorm: Use good judgement and inquire if your colleague has time to brainstorm with you prior to beginning an engaging conversation.

Make the most of your entire work-space: Find a space that is most comfortable for you and the tasks you need to accomplish to make the most of your day.

Dealing with noise levels: If you are sensitive to noise during your workday, consider using a white noise machine to drown out unwanted chatter. You can also employ ear buds or a headset to listen to music while you work when appropriate.

Make use of small conference rooms: For confidential or sensitive conversations, remember to use discretion and find a room or office with a door.

Electronic device etiquette: While in the work-place, set notification sounds on your device to silence or vibrate. A discrete tone, while inoffensive to you, may be a distraction to others working around you.

Establish office standards for interactions: Work with your supervisor to set standards for how to best navigate open space office arrangements.

Respect others’ privacy: Keep in mind that just because others may be sitting nearby does not mean they are available at all times for conversation.

Avoid products and food with a strong odor: In open environments a smell that might be pleasant to you may be offensive to others, and could potentially agitate allergies or other symptoms in your co-workers.

Keep distractions to a minimum: Loud or prolonged conversation may agitate other co-workers in an open office environment. Keep conversations to a minimum and seek out an alternative location or conference room for long conversations or phone calls.

Be considerate of others when you are ill: If you are ill, work with your supervisor to determine if you have sick leave available or if you are able to work from home for your shift that day. While your dedication is appreciated, coming to work while sick may lead others in the office to contract the unwanted illness.

Be open to others and feedback: In every workplace there are a myriad of personalities we encounter each day. When others approach you with different views, listen with the intent to learn, focus on the positive aspects of your job, and assume good intent.

Think like a team: Involve others, be respectful to your co-workers, and do not spread gossip or cause others to feel outcast.  While you will encounter conflict and challenging people in your work place, approach these situations with respect and dignity. If there is cause for concern, bring those concerns to your supervisor in privacy. 


Following these tips and best-practices in an open office environment will lead to enhanced camaraderie, communication, and collaboration.