Housed in the University of Cincinnati's School of Criminal Justice, the Institute of Crime Science (ICS) combines the knowledge and skill of both academic researchers and criminal justice practitioners to solve real world problems. 

The ICS team includes world renowned experts in criminal justice research and law enforcement professionals who are subject matter experts.  ICS team members' areas of expertise include: policing, violence reduction, violent street gangs, racial profiling, police legitimacy, social network analysis, co-offending networks, crime analysis, police staffing and program evaluation.  ICS delivers evidence-based, empirically tested solutions, technical support and training to: national, regional, state, local and international law enforcement and criminal justice agencies. 

Bridging Research and Practice

The direct linking of academic theory and criminal justice practice is what sets ICS apart from other criminal justice research institutes. Other institutes merely present theory to criminal justice agencies.  ICS builds long lasting, truly collaborative relationships with agencies we work with.  Working with ICS is a genuine partnership as both research and practitioners contribute their knowledge and experience on a project to produce strategies and interventions that are practical in the field.

When an agency chooses ICS to help resolve a problem, ICS will work with the agency at every step to assist with problem identification and analysis, strategy development and implementation, provide dedicated technical support throughout the implementation and a rigorous program evaluation that details: did the intervention work - why or why not, along with recommendations for any needed program modifications and next steps to ensure sustainability of successful interventions. 

How Partnering with ICS Benefits Your Agency

A partnership with ICS provides criminal justice agencies with a direct link to cutting edge research and validated best practices to tackle both the challenges agencies currently face and those challenges they will confront in the future.

ICS is equipped to provide: evidence-based strategy and intervention development, consultation, training, technical assistance and program evaluations; all of which will increase the effectiveness and efficiency of our criminal justice partners. 

Contact ICS

University of Cincinnati Institute of Crime Science

Teachers/Dyer Hall 

P.O. Box 210389

Cincinnati OH 45220      

Email: icsscj@ucmail.uc.edu

Phone: (513) 556-6705