Campus Partnerships with UC Vice President for Equity & Inclusion

Bleuzette Marshall


1. Updating of Diversity Plan

  • The University of Cincinnati updated diversity plan is currently being revised and reviewed.

2. Development

  • A series of professional development workshops to enhance employees’ cultural competency are continuing in the new year with sessions on micro-aggressive behavior, student activism, generational diversity and more. These are in addition to the annual Diversity & Inclusion Conference.

3. Employee and Student Support

  • Infrastructure change agents include a new director of equal opportunity and access; new affinity groups: UC Black Faculty Association, Latino/Hispanic Affinity Group and UC Black Women on the Move, as well as a re-launch of the Student Diversity and Inclusion Council.
  • Continuing efforts include the Bias Incident Response Team (BIRT) and the all-university Diversity Council and the Diversity & Inclusion Resource Liaisons. Almost every campus unit and college now has a Diversity and Inclusion Committee working among, engaging with, providing programming and serving as a resource among students, faculty and staff.

4. Funding

  • Diversity and Incentive Grants support collaborative efforts between colleges and units to enhance diversity and inclusion through innovative practices.
  • The Office of Diversity & Inclusion offers funding for events and activities that will benefit the campus and community by providing opportunities to enhance understanding of D&I and cultural competence as well as promote the creatiion of a more inclusive environment, strengthen affinity and drive engagement.
  • D&I Professional Development Grants are available to students, staff and faculty for external conferences, study abroad trips and leadership development programs that enhance understanding of D&I as well as cultural competency.

5. Dialogue

  • Campus and community members involved in change-agent groups like the Irate8 and BlackUC are taking the initiative and time to generate ideas, engage in dialogue and participate in change via new and existing efforts, e.g., AACRC planning committee, African American Faculty Affinity Group; safety and reform Community Advisory Council.

6. Recognition

  • The President’s Diversity Council sponsors the Marian Spencer Diversity Ambassador Award  to showcase current campus affiliated individuals and groups whose diversity and inclusion initiatives have positively impacted the university.
  • The Office of Diversity & Inclusion partners with other campus units to participate in and/or co-sponsor a variety of recognition efforts related to diversity and inclusion, such as: