UC Police Department: Safety and Reform

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1. UC Hires Independent Monitor

  • The university has hired Exiger as an independent monitor to assess implementation of police department reforms and implementation of best practices for policing that is transparent, legitimate, fair, accountable, collaborative, and innovative.

2. National Team Conducted Comprehensive Review of UC Police

  • A nationally renowned police monitoring firm, Exiger, conducted a top-to-bottom reivew of the UC Police Department, releasing its final report in early June 2016. The firm was selected in consultation with the Community Adivsory Council, chaired by the Honorable Judge John West, Hamilton Court of Common Pleas. The Exiger team reviewing UCPD includes Charles Ramsey, former Philadelphia police commissioner and co-chair of President Obama's Task Force on 21st Century Policing.

3. UC Selects New Chief and Assistant Chief

  • UC's new policing leaders will focus on community engagement and building relationships to establish trust.

4. Community Advisory Council

  • The Honorable Judge John A. West, Hamilton County Court of Common Pleas, is chairing a UC safety and reform Community Advisory Council in partnership with Robin Engel, vice president for safety and reform.  The goal of this council, which includes membership from both campus and the wider community, is to guide the UCPD forward to become a national model for best practices in urban-university policing.

5. Fair and Impartial Policing Training

  • All UCPD officers received Fair and Impartial Policing training by nationally renowned scholars and police trainers. This important training is the first of many new training sessions to be held for the UCPD in coming months.

6. Feedback to Safety and Reform Leadership

  • Community groups, social service organizations, neighborhood community councils, UC employees and students are, have and will continue to take time to meet with and provide thoughts, concerns, ideas and feedback to university representatives including S. Gregory Baker, director of police community relations; James Whalen, director of public safety; Robin Engel, vice president for safety and reform; Anthony Carter, UC police chief; and Maris Herold, assistant police chief.

7. Independent Investigation

  • In fall 2015, UC released an independent investigation of the July 19 shooting death of Samuel DuBose. That report concluded: The fatal shooting of Mr. DuBose never should have occurred.

Find more on the Safety and Reform web site.