Student, Faculty and Staff Partnerships with UC President and Provost

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In addition to the goals, efforts and resources already presented on UC’s Diversity and Inclusion web site, university students, faculty and staff have partnered with the president in refocused and reenergized diversity and inclusion efforts. Highlights of these efforts include:


1. Ongoing Faculty Development and Diversity Investment of $40 Million.

  • The next phase of this program, the Urban Futures Faculty Cluster Hiring initiative, will provide $4 million in funding for faculty proposals to hire tenured faculty whose research and teaching focuses on challenges facing urban areas, including affordable housing; educational equity; race, policing and community crime prevention; urban inequalities; and gender and urban sustainability. Matching funds have been committed to hire six new faculty members, six graduate fellowships and six undergraduate research assistanceships.  

2. Student Diversity Initiatives, Including Additional $1 Million in New Scholarships

  • A student diversity programs team developed a prioritized list to enhance the recruitment, retention and graduation of underrepresented minority students. This effort provides additional strategies for diverse student recruitment, including an additional $1 million in new scholarships for underrepresented minority students and initiaion of a student mentoring and ambassador program in every Cincinnati public school.

3. Diversity Recruitment Committee

  • A Diversity Recruitment Committee of students, faculty and administrators has identified and prioritized recruitment activities that are designed to attract additional underrepresented minority students.
  • Already, the university departments and the provost’s office are increasing funding for the Yates Graduate Scholarship Program and the new Urban Futures Fellows Program as well as the new University Fellowships Program for URM Doctoral Students to increase diversity of our future faculty. A Black Faculty Association has been formed and funded, and there are also new affinity groups for Latino faculty and black women staff.

4. Creation of Inclusive Classrooms Guidelines

  • A consortium of faculty, students and staff, with leadership and support from the president, provost and Faculty Senate, have developed guidelines and a general education framework for the creation of inclusive classrooms, development of courses and modules, and faculty development. See the results of this work, which has been distributed to faculty.

5. Contributions to Diversity and Inclusion Statements

  • As of July 1, 2016, the university will request a Diversity and Inclusion statement of all applicants  for faculty and staff positions, as part of the university's overall hiring process. (Applicants for student-worker positions will not be required to submit such statements for campus-based employment.)

6. AACRC Space Needs

  • Students, faculty and staff comprised a planning committee to review the space needs of the African American Cultural and Resource Center. Based on the committee’s recommendations, renovations are underway to add a kitchenette and two more rooms to the AACRC, one a quiet study space and one for a student lounge. Updates to the restrooms and new wayfinding signs will also begin this summer.