UC Employee Resource Groups

An array of resource groups exist to meet the diversity of our faculty on campus. Learn more information about each group below.

Advisors of Color Employee Resource Group (AOC)

Established in 2017

Open to: University of Cincinnati Advisors of color

The purpose of AOC is to unite, support and elevate underrepresented advisors across all 3 UC campus locations (Uptown, Blue Ash and Clermont). We strive to empower advisors of color through enacting and articulating UC's values of inclusiveness and celebrating the uniqueness of each individual. We provide advisors with a sense of community and belonging that provides them the opportunity to enhance the UC, advising culture. Additionally, we function as a work-based family network that contributes to the personal and professional growth of our members.  

Get involved: Email Kea Hardy at hardykc@ucmail.uc.edu

African-American/Black Male Staff (AABMS)

Established in 2016

Open to: All African American/Black male staff who are employed by the University of Cincinnati

AABMS is committed to providing a support network and professional development opportunities for AA/Black male staff at the University of Cincinnati. Through programs, meetings, literature readings, educational workshops and networking the AABMS aspires to become a standing body that implements strategies to create opportunities for the recruitment and retention of AABMS to serve the University and extended community. The founding principles for the AABMS are to enhance the professional men of AABMS and to increase the consciousness and togetherness of AABMS across campus, while also upholding a high standard for integrity and a dedicated focus on recruitment, retention and mentorship. 

Get involved: Email Chair, Daniel S. Cummins, at daniel.cummins@uc.edu or Membership Chair, Arthur Walton, at waltonab@ucmail.uc.edu.

Asian-American Pacific Islander Staff & Faculty Affinity Group (AAPI)

Not yet established

Open to: Staff & Faculty who identify within the Asian American Pacific Islander community

The AAPI provides a space where faculty and staff who identify within the AAPI community can find support and community at the University of Cincinnati. This affinity group is intended to enhance the sense of belonging for AAPI staff and faculty members at the university, while also serving as a body that supports the professional and personal development of its members.

Get involved: Email Rich Robles at rich.robles@uc.edu or Peyton Wu at peyton.wu@uc.edu.

Black Faculty Association (BFA)

Established in 2015-2016

Open to: University of Cincinnati Black faculty members

BFA is an advocacy group that supports the scholarly, research and professional goals of Black faculty. Through supportive committees, resources, events and news relevant to its members, BFA encourages continued success and aims to increase the presence of Black faculty in leadership positions. BFA also makes it a goal to highlight the achievements of its members in order to foster connectivity between departments and help them to serve as role models. 

Get involved: Email bfa@ucmail.uc.edu to get access to our listserv. Follow us on Twitter/Instagram: BFA_UC and find us on Facebook!

Black Women on the Move (BWM)

Established in 2015

Open to: Black women staff members on campus

BWM hopes to assist in creating a work environment where UC Black Women employees feel welcomed, supported, and affirmed so that they can reach their highest potential. We provide support, guidance and education to Black women staff members on campus. We empower women and develop lasting relationships through professional networking, mentoring and personal development. We value Recruitment, Networking, Collaboration, Inclusion, Mentoring, Advocacy, Professional Development, Promotion, and Retention. 

Get involved: Email ucbwm@ucmail.uc.edu for more information or https://multisite.uc.edu/bwm/home

Latino Faculty Association (LFA)

Established in 2017-2018

Open to: University of Cincinnati Latino Faculty

The mission of the LFA is to promote the well-being and advancement of Latino faculty, students, and the larger Latino community at the University of Cincinnati. We do so by building connections and providing a network of support, facilitating and advocating for opportunities to celebrate Latino identities, and building powerful coalitions to advance the Latino community.

Get involved: Email Michael Odio at odioml@ucmail.uc.edu 

LGBTQ Faculty & Staff Association (LGBTQ FSA)

Established in 2018

Open to: All LGBTQ faculty and staff at UC

Our long-term goal is to create an inclusive environment that values LGBTQ faculty and staff as an essential component of UC's diverse community by retaining LGBTQ talent on our campuses; providing a safe and secure professional environment for LGBTQ faculty and staff; empowering our members toward visibility and action; and attracting future faculty and staff to meet the needs of new generations of LGBTQ students, who often face multiple obstacles as college students.

Get involved: Subscribe to our listserv, LGBTQFSA, at listserv.uc.edu or email Alex Brogaard at alex.brogaard@uc.edu.