Securing the Human

How to Complete STH Training


UC Faculty, Staff, Students, and Affiliates


Step-by-step procedure to walk UC Faculty, Staff, Students, and Affiliates through the operation of enrolling and completing SANS Securing the Human - Information Security: Fundamentals training via Canopy.

Enrolling in STH:

Log into with your University of Cincinnati username and password.


1) Click on the “Courses” button in the banner section.

Step 1


2) In the left “Course Search” text box, type “Information Security” and click “Go”.

Step 2


3) Click on the arrow to the right of “UC18_Info_Security_Training_002” and select enroll

Step 3


4) Click “Submit” in the bottom right corner of the Self Enrollment screen.

Step 4


5) Click “OK” on the next screen.

Step 5


6) Click on “Learning Modules” in the menu column to the left.

Step 6


7) Select the link for one on the areas in the Learning Modules section to begin. It will then take you to that Month. Click the link with the box next to it for the Securing The Human (STH) video and questions to begin.

Step 7


8) Every month, new modules with different areas of focus will appear in the list. Be sure to complete the video training and questions for each module. After finishing all of the modules, click on “Learning Modules” in the menu column to the left to return to the Training section. Once the modules for each Training area completed, your Securing the Human Training is finished.

Step 8