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What is UCosmic?

UC’s online system manages all the ways in which the faculty, staff, and students are connected internationally.

Give me an example.

Faculty enter projects, activities, research, scholarship, and recognition that has an international component – be it an international collaboration, an international award, an international performance, etc.

What other kinds of data are included?

  • International degrees held by faculty,
  • Student organizations and activities with an international focus,
  • UC’s international collaboration and activity agreements,
  • Countries and institutions where international students are coming from
  • Contact and profile information on regional companies that have an international component and with whom UC has a connection
  • Identification, location, and activity of UC’s international alumni

How does UCosmic benefit me?

You will be able to:

  • Network to find UC colleagues with related activities, research or scholarship
  • Connect with UC personnel with degrees from international institutions where you may wish to form an activity
  • Identify connections you may use to leverage your own work
  • Raise your visibility in search engine results
  • Find collaborative agreements already in place with international institutions

How do I start an account?

You already have one! Go to: Sign in with your “6+2” username and the password you use for all UC “Central Login Service” websites such as the library or OneStop.

After the first time you login, the system automatically creates a Faculty Profile for you. Check this on your first login and make any desired changes for the UCosmic display.

Then what?

To add an activity:

Just select the “My International Projects” link on the leftside navigation menu to get started entering your data. Be sure to not only provide a title and brief description, but to associate each entry with appropriate country and institutions (if applicable).

To add an international degree:

Select the “My Faculty Profile” link on the left-side navigation menu. Then, choose “Edit Profile” to tell us what you have accomplished academically while attending overseas colleges and universities.

To add an Education Abroad program:

Select the “Create a new Education Abroad Program” link on the left-side navigation menu. Then follow the guided instructions.