UC International awards Visiting Scholar and International Incentive Grants

UC International has announced the winners of the 2019 Visiting Scholar and Faculty/Staff International Incentive grants. The goal of these grants is to strengthen the partnerships we have established with our Strategic Partner institutions by supporting collaborations between our faculty and staff.


Visiting Scholar program

The Visiting Scholar program funds airfare and accommodation for teaching and research faculty from our partners to travel to UC for 7-10 days in order to form relationships with UC colleagues, discover UC’s campus, and develop joint training or research projects in their disciplines.

“We see some remarkable proposals every year. We’re very pleased to help support the scholarship and innovation these projects represent and to encourage the engagement between our faculty and the faculties of our partner institutions around the world,” says Raj Mehta, Vice Provost for International Affairs. “These research and educational collaborations between our colleges and departments are at the heart of UC’s sustainable internationalization efforts.”


Faculty/Staff International Incentive Grants

The Incentive Grants program, which is being piloted in 2019, helps offset similar costs for UC faculty and staff to travel to our partner institutions.

These awards focus on collaborations in locations and disciplines where our partnership activities are in their infancy, with the goal of creating sustainable, replicable, and recurring activities. Faculty and any staff who work directly with students, contribute to research, or directly support student education are eligible to have projects funded through the program.

Director of Strategic Partnerships Gowribalan (Ana) Vamadeva points out, “An important part of this program is to support our staff as well as our faculty. Their work helps build the university’s international presence and create global opportunities for our students.”


2019 grant recipients

Botswana International University of Science & Technology, Botswana

  • BIUST’s Venecio Ultra, Jr., Earth and Environmental Sciences, be hosted by UC’s Dionysios D. Dionysiou and George Sorial, Chemical & Environmental Engineering, to develop rhizofiltration systems of wastewater treatment for arid and semiarid environments.


Beijing Jiaotong University, China

  • Rui Chen, Municipal & Environmental Engineering, will work with Mingming Lu, Chemical & Environmental Engineering, to research the use of biomass charcoal for environmental remediation. They will also work on the development of water and soil remediation engineering projects.
  • Han Linfei, Architecture and Design, will work with Xinhao Wang, Planning, on architectural and planning education for undergraduate, master’s, and doctoral students.
  • UC’s Na Chen, Xinhao Wang, Planning, and Heng Wei, Civil & Architectural Engineering, will travel to BJTU to develop a multicultural blended/online course on transportation planning with GIS applications.


Future University in Egypt, Egypt

  • Heba Abdel Wahab, Marketing, will work with UC’s Karen A. Machleit, Marketing, to develop a joint research project on the use of web analytics for digital marketing performance measurements.
  • Naglaa Diaa Ramzy, Marketing, will work with Karen Machleit to investigate how augmented reality (AR) affects consumer engagement and customer experience.
  • Salwa Mekky, Public Administration, will work with Rina Williams, Political Science, on teaching and research collaborations in the fields of public administration, public policy, civic education, and good governance.


Pontificia Universidad Javeriana, Colombia

  • Nicola Flanagan, Natural Sciences and Mathematics, will work with Theresa Culley, Biological Sciences, on research interests in plant conservation. She will also collaborate with the UC Digital Scholarship Center on a Mellon Foundation grant project to explore publishing opportunities for researchers in Colombia and other nearby countries.
  • Lorena Cecilia Vega Dueñas, Procedural Law, will work with Janet Moore, Law, and with faculty in the UC’s Center for Race, Gender, and Social Justice to research the role of gender in shaping victim experiences with judicial processes, including the new Colombian peace process and related Special Jurisdiction for Peace.


Université Bordeaux Montaigne, France

  • Alexis Gorgues, Humanities, will work with Kathleen Lynch, Classics, to establish new teaching and research collaborations in the archaeology of Iron Age societies and trade networks of the Northwestern Mediterranean (1st millennium BCE).
  • Leah Stewart, English & Comparative Literature, will travel to UBM to work with Véronique Béghain, Anglophone Studies, to develop a collaborative international course in literary translation for undergraduate and doctoral students.


Université de Bordeaux, France

  • Muriel Darnaudery, Life & Health Sciences, will work with Teresa Reyes, Pharmacology & Systems Physiology, to discuss new collaborations between UBx’s Nutrineuro lab and UC and to introduce the Bordeaux Neurocampus Graduate Program.
  • Tom Polger, Philosophy, will travel to UBx to work with Cédric Brun and Thomas Pradeu and their research groups to develop a joint doctoral and advanced undergraduate seminar about philosophy and the life sciences.


University of Cape Coast, Ghana

  • Elvis Ameyaw, Biomedical Sciences, will work with Neil MacKinnon, Pharmacy, to develop instructor training for a new doctoral program in pharmacy and to develop a potential community-based pharmacy residency program.


Universidad de Concepción, Chile

  • Claudio Diaz, Curriculum & Instruction, will work with Holly Johnson, Education, to observe UC’s practicum model for ESL teacher education. They will also explore possibilities for developing joint online programs and research initiatives.
  • Richard Beck, Geography, will travel with Lewis Owen, Geology, to work with UdeC’s Alfonso Fernandez, Geography, on a jointly funded expedition to develop a student field course about toxic algal blooms. They will also seek to jumpstart a multi-university project on Amazonian deforestation and glacier retreat in the high Andes.


Université du Québec à Montréal, Canada

  • Denis Chouinard, Media School, will work with Michael Gott, Center for Film & Media Studies, on joint study tours to Prague, Zagreb, and Vienna and will meet with professors of Digital Media Production to explore student and faculty exchange.
  • Caroline Coulombe, Management & Technology, will work with Lawrence Gales, International Programs in the Lindner College of Business, to develop joint graduate courses in project management, possibly in the field of entrepreneurship or innovation. They will also identify research, co-op, and internship opportunities.


Universidad del Valle de Guatemala, Guatemala

  • Armando Mazariegos, Design Innovation and Arts, will work with Stefan Fiol, Ethnomusicology, on a Summer Music Creation Camp in the Highland Campus in Guatemala; he will work with other faculty to develop joint projects, exchanges, and online programs.


University of Zagreb, Croatia

  • Vilko Mandić, Chemical Engineering & Technology, will work with Donglu Shi, Mechanical & Materials Engineering, to explore the active questions in photovoltaic materials science research, development and characterization.
  • Ðurđana Ozretić-Došen, Economics & Business, will work with Olivier Parent, Economics, on current trends in managing PhD programs in Economics and Business Economics, as well as on identifying new streams of research in doctoral programming in those fields.
  • Miranda Sertić, Pharmacy & Biochemistry, will work with Giovanni M. Pauletti, Pharmacy, to develop teaching and research collaborations, including those that leverage analytical technologies available at UniZG for joint scientific research projects.
  • Dion Dionysiou, Chemical & Environmental Engineering, will travel to UniZG to work with Hrvoje Kusic and Professor Ana Lončarić Božić on doctoral collaborations between the newly established UC Water Center and the Faculty of Chemical Engineering and Technology (FCET-UniZg).
  • Heidi Maibom, Philosophy, will travel to UniZg to work with Tomislav Janović, Philosophy, and Ivana Hromatko, Psychology, on interdisciplinary research into intentionality and moral responsibility, as well as psychological research on perspective taking.
  • Cheri Westmoreland, McNair Scholars Program, will travel to UniZG to facilitate UC student and faculty participation in the 9th International Student Symposium, an intercultural research symposium sponsored by UniZG and several US universities.


More information

Information and application forms for UC International grants are available on our website.