Chiba University


Chiba University is a national university in the city of Japan. With over 14,000 students in undergraduate, graduate, and doctoral programs, it has long been one of the largest universities in Japan. And with over 9% of its student population coming in from abroad, Chiba is dedicated to internationalization on campus. Chiba University has agreements with over 200 universities and institutes in approximately 40 countries with active interactions through educational and scientific research.

The University is located in Chiba Prefecture of Japan, an area noted for its industrial, intellectual, and international achievements. While close to Tokyo, the Chiba area is much more affordable -- something our students can take advantage of during exchange programs. Chiba University's sincere dedication to internationalization and cooperative partnerships make it an ideal partnership for the University of Cincinnati. 



  • 4/2016 - Institutional Collaboration Agreement
  • 4/2016 - Student Exchange Agreement


  • 7/2012 - Student Exchange Agreement