Xiamen University


Xiamen University is consistently making great strides toward its goal of building a high-level university well-known both at home and abroad.  It is situated at the foothills of mountains, facing the ocean and surrounded by Xiamen's bay, making the main campus one of the most picturesque attractions in the city. Home to over 28,000 students, the university is ranked 11th in China with highly revered programs in economics and management, fine art, law, chemistry, journalism, and mathematics.

Our partnership with Xiamen University is one of the most active due to their invested interest in internationalization. Over 3,000 foreign students study at Xiamen, including UC students on faculty-led study abroad programs. With such a comprehensive range of academic programs and multiplicitous research opportunities, we are pleased to partner with Xiamen University.



  • 3/25/2016 - Institutional Collaboration Agreement


  • 6/11/2015 - Agreement on Joint Degree Program
  • 9/11/2015 - Activity Agreement


  • 2/20/2014 - Agreement for Student & Faculty Exchange
  • 5/20/2014 - Research Collaboration


  • 12/20/2013 - Agreement on Dual-Degree Program


  • 5/31/2011 - Institutional Collaboration Agreement
  • 8/11/2011 - Activity Agreement