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How to Apply


Where do I start?

If you're feeling overwhelmed, take a deep breath. While study abroad can be a complicated journey, it's not impossible - over 1,700 students like you go through the process every year! The best place to start is to go to an information session & search for programs.

how to apply

How do I apply?

There are many threads to a successful study abroad experience: choosing a course, applying for a passport, getting courses approved... the list goes on. Check out our full application checklist or get in touch with your study abroad advisor.



What about my schedule / budget?

Study abroad is for everyone, no matter your major or your (lack of) funds. With programs from one week to one year, and over $800,000 in scholarships available, there is a way for you to make study abroad happen.

travel restrictions

Where can I go?

It's true: you can't go everywhere through UC study abroad. Take a look at the programming we do offer, read up on travel warnings, and know the rules if you're a minor (under 18). These all affect where you can go.