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Academic Planning

Before you go abroad, you need to make sure that the courses you want to take will work toward your degree program at UC. Follow the guidelines on this page to ensure that your planning goes smoothly.


A faculty-led group poses in Australia

Faculty-Led Programs

  • Earn credit just the same as a regular UC course
  • Apply for course through UC International & sign up on Catalyst once approved (do not follow the process below)
A study abroad student poses by the Coliseum in Rome.

Exchange & External Programs

  • Receive transfer credit - pass/fail that doesn't affect UC GPA
  • Requires prior approval via the Academic Credit Approval Form (see process below)

1. Find applicable courses

Consider your degree needs.

Which courses do you still need to take in order to successfully complete your degree, minor, or certificate programs at UC? If you are unsure of what you still need to take, an academic advisor can assist you.

Identify courses abroad.

Identify coursework at the exchange or external program that has similar content to the courses you still need to take. And plan ahead - the courses you plan to take abroad or choose to take abroad can often change after your arrival. It's always a good idea to choose alternate courses, too.


2. Fill out the Approval Form

Fill in your personal & program information.

Select the course and term you will be enrolled at UC. You'll be enrolling in either MLTI3000/6000 or MLTI4015/7000. See below to understand the difference.

Input your courses, including UC course equivalents & credit.

Work with your academic advisor to find UC course equivalents, the number of UC credits, and to determine the type of credit you expect to receive (ex. credit for your major or minor). Credit systems around the world vary a great deal.  Here are some general guidelines:

  • 2 ECTS is 1 UC credit, ex. 6 ECTS is 3 UC credits. Half credits should be rounded up.
  • 10 credits in the UK is 3 UC credits, 20 credits in the UK is 6 UC credits.
  • 12 credits in Australia is 4 UC credits, 24 credits in Australia is 8 UC credits.
  • USAC specialty programs use the same credit system.

Get academic advisor approval.

Your academic advisor must sign and certify that you’re in good academic standing and the coursework will work toward your degree program at UC. If you are taking language courses abroad, in the Lindner College of Business, or in McMicken College of Arts & Sciences, you have more specific guidelines about this process detailed below.


3. Submit your form & register with UC

Submit your completed approval form(s).

Submit your completed form online as part of your UC application to study abroad. It is recommended that you complete an Academic Credit Approval Form for each major or minor you have with the corresponding advisor.

Sign up for courses.

In addition to your courses abroad, you'll need to register for a course with UC that indicates your study abroad participation. Once you've submitted your course approval form, UC International will clear you to register for one of the following:

  • External Programs: MLTI3000 or MLTI6000 Study Abroad
    • Students are charged a $200 fee to register for this course.
    • Students stay enrolled at UC full-time for the term they are abroad to access all of UC’s services, including financial aid and scholarships.
    • Students pay tuition to the external program provider or host institution. 
  • Exchange Programs: MLTI4015 or MLTI7000 International Exchange 
    This course is for students who study abroad on UC Exchange programs. 
    • Students are charged in-state base main campus tuition for this course.
    • Students stay enrolled at UC full-time for the term they are abroad to access all of UC’s services, including financial aid and scholarships.
    • Tuition fees are waived at the host institution.