COVID-19 Updates:

Coronavirus FAQ

The university continues to monitor the guidelines and recommendations from local, state and federal health officials to protect the safety and well-being of our community, including the global outbreak of COVID-19 (coronavirus).

Up-to-date information about UC's coronavirus policies is available on the UC coronavirus updates page.


1. How is UC and UC International monitoring the COVID-19 situation worldwide?

A team of university officials, including UC International, UC’s Travel Emergency Travel Team, Emergency Management Advisory Committee, University Health Services, UC Public Safety and others monitor ongoing potential risks to students, faculty or staff who may be abroad or planning to travel abroad for study, research or university-related work.

This includes the outbreak of the respiratory illness COVID-19 worldwide. To assess risks related to study abroad travel, the university also uses a number of resources, including governmental agencies, news reports, reports from UC’s international medical and travel security provider, our member consortium of study abroad universities, and more.  

University updates can be found on our University Health Services page.


2. How does UC make decisions about its study abroad programs?  

See above for the number of resources we consult. These include guidance from the U.S. Centers for Disease Control (CDC), the U.S. Department of State, and our international security provider. When making decisions about specific programs, we also consider local conditions as well as input from peer institutions and our overseas partners. 


3. What is the current status of university travel restrictions? 

Up-to-date information about UC's travel restrictions is available on the UC coronavirus updates page.


4. What would happen if an in-progress UC study abroad program was suspended? 

If there was ever a need to suspend an in-progress study abroad experience, UC would work closely with our academic partners, our international medical and travel security provider and governmental and public safety entities with the goal of safeguarding health and well being of potentially affected students, faculty and staff and mitigating potential impacts on students’ academic progress.


5. If a student chooses to leave an in-progress study abroad program that has not been suspended, how might that student’s academic credit be affected?  

The university understands that personal tolerance for risk may vary, and that final decisions will be made between a student and his or her family. If students choose to leave a program and return home, we respect that decision. Students should contact UC International for coordination assistance as soon as a decision has been made, and we would recommend they notify their academic adviser of their choice as well. We will work with our partners to try to support the student’s completion of their work with that program, but awarding of academic credit will be evaluated on a case-by-case basis and is not guaranteed.


6. Does UC have any recommendations for students traveling independently, whether as a “side trip” while on study abroad or simply as part of vacation plans or independent travel? 

The university strongly recommends that everyone reconsider personal travel that hasn’t already commenced, to any country with a CDC level 3 or State Department level 4 advisory based on the novel coronavirus. We encourage you to monitor developments through the State Department and CDC websites. Students who are traveling should, in addition to taking recommended measures to prevent illness, take basic precautions to prepare for potential travel disruptions:  

  • Students should keep cell phones fully charged and operational, and check their email at least daily.
  • Students should travel with all key documents, including their passport and insurance documents.
  • Students should travel with a full supply of any regular medications, regardless of how long they plan to be away. Prescription medications should be packaged in their original containers.

Here are what we recommend for travel: