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Make it Count

You've gotten to your study abroad destination. Suddenly the world seems a little different than it did before--and that's a great thing. But at this point, you might be thinking to yourself...

What's next?

Hopefully the following suggestions give you a sense of guidance and reassurance. You can also read up on culture shock, travel tips, and more in our Guide to Study Abroad.

Have a great study abroad experience! Then, show us & the world what you've gained from it. We're waiting to hear from you.


Tips for a Successful Study Abroad

  • Say “Yes!” to invitations and opportunities to try something new. You still will want to be smart, safe, and make good choices, but this is the time to get outside of your comfort zone.
  • This is study abroad, not a vacation. You will still have plenty of time to travel and explore your new surroundings!
  • Unplug. Spending your time on electronic devices with friends back home will make you more homesick and take time away from the present.
  • Use your language skills. You don’t have to be fluent in a foreign languag, but even a few phrases, paired with a smile, can get you far.
  • Try your best to fit in with the local culture. Consider dressing like the locals and adopting some of their mannerisms. Nobody wants to be an “ugly American” when traveling abroad, so be polite and respectful of the host culture.

Get Involved at UC

  •  Volunteer at the annual Study Abroad Fair!
    UC International hosts a Study Abroad Fair every fall & spring and needs volunteers to make the day a success. Contact us to volunteer.
  • Become an IPAL!
    The IPAL (International Partner and Leader) program is a great way to help new international students arrive and feel welcome at UC. Check out the program here.
  • Join BEARchats Conversation Partners Program.
    Learn more here.
  • Join an internationally minded student organization! 
    Visit CampusLink to learn more about the many internationally minded student organizations available at UC. 
  • Apply to be a student worker at UC International.
    UC International often hires students to work in the office. Contact us to see if a spot is open.


Go Abroad Again!

  • If you can make it happen with your coursework, academic schedule, and budget, you CAN study abroad again.
  • We've had students who have studied abroad four separate times, and even a student who was abroad for 18 months!
  • You'll follow the same process as before, but hopefully you'll find it a little easier & quicker this time!
  • If you're thinking about going abroad again, try something completely different. It never hurts to learn about a new country and culture!

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