UC International - University of Bordeaux Erasmus+

The University of Cincinnati and the University of Bordeaux are very fortunate to be nominated for funding from the Erasmus+ program, financed by the European Union. The two universities share a common goal of encouraging and further developing partnerships between the two institutions.

The Erasmus+ International Credit Mobility Grant is available for teaching and administrative staff at the University of Cincinnati. Two grants will be available for teaching exchanges and 1 for training exchange, each for a duration of 5 days (excluding travel days). The grant includes €820 (travel costs) and €140 per day (living costs). All proposed activities must be completed by July 31, 2018.

The application includes:  

  • University of Bordeaux's online application
  • CV (2 page minimum)
  • Letter of support from your UC department head endorsing your proposed time away from UC
  • Invitation letter from the University of Bordeaux (which details the nature of the exchange, participation the project as well as Bordeaux availability during this time)
  • A completed teaching contract or completed training contract
  • A signed statement that if awarded, you will complete the required Erasmus+ report within one month of the exchange


Interested UC faculty and staff should submit their application to Anne Sheridan Fugard (anne.fugard@uc.edu) in UC International at Friday, January 20, 2017. After committee review, UC International will forward the strongest applications to the University of Bordeaux to make final decisions.