Fall 2004, 32.2


Course Design

Anna Leahy and Deborah Rindge English 116: Freshman Seminar Writing & Photography


Book Reviews

Lynée Lewis Gaillet (First Person)2: A Study of Co-Authoring in the Academy, by Kami Day and Michele Eodice
David Martins Talking, Sketching, Moving: Multiple Literacies in the Teaching of Writing, by Patricia A. Dunn
Donald N. S. Unger Insurrections: Approaches to Resistance in Composition Studies, edited by Andrea Greenbaum, with a foreword by Gary A. Olson
Fiona Glade Opening Spaces: Critical Pedagogy and Resistance Theory in Composition, by Joe Marshall Hardin
Jill Swiencicki Misunderstanding the Assignment: Teenage Students, College Writing, and the Pains of Growth, by Doug Hunt
Rebecca G. Taylor Tutoring Writing: A Practical Guide for Conferences, by Donald A. McAndrew and Thomas J. Reigstad
Linda S. Bergmann WAC for the New Millennium: Strategies for Continuing Writing-Across-the- Curriculum Programs, edited by Susan H. McLeod, Eric Miraglia, Margot Soven, and Christopher Thaiss
Kathleen J. Ryan Preparing College Teachers of Writing: Histories, Theories, Programs, Practices, edited by Betty P. Pytlik and Sarah Liggett
Christopher Schroeder Introducing English: Essays in the Intellectual Work of Composition, by James F. Slevin
Rich Rice Teaching Writing Teachers: of High School English & First-Year Composition, by Robert Tremmel and William Broz


Online Exclusive

Linda E. Holt  Risky Writing: Self-Disclosure and Self-Transformation in the Classroom, by Jeffrey Berman
John Eliason  What We Really Value: Beyond Rubrics in Teaching and Assessing Writing, by Bob Broad
Joe Wagner  A Communion of Friendship: Literacy, Spiritual Practice, and Women in Recovery, by Beth Daniell
Carola Mattord  Critical Passages: Teaching the Transition to College Composition, by Kristin Dombek and Scott Herndon, with a foreword by David Bartholomae
Inez Schaechterle A Rhetoric of Pleasure: Prose Style & Today’s Composition Classroom, by T. R. Johnson
Paul J. Morris II  Literacy in the New Media Age, by Gunther Kress
Lisa L. Coleman Rhetoric and Composition as Intellectual Work, edited by Gary A. Olson
Steve Hecox Language Diversity in the Classroom: From Intention to Practice, edited by Geneva Smitherman and Victor Villanueva
Heidi Estrem Reading Student Writing: Confessions, Meditations, Rants, by Lad Tobin