Spring 2015, 43.1


From the Guest Editor

Dale Jacobs
Special Issue: Comics, Multimodality, and Composition


Composing With

Gary Weissman
A Comic Strip Cover Story (see cover image)
Franny Howes
Composing the Uncollectable



Aaron Scott Humphrey; inked by John Carvajal
Visual and Spatial Language: The Silent Voice of Woodstock



Gabriel Sealy-Morris
The Rhetoric of the Paneled Page: Comics and Composition Pedagogy
Hannah Dickinson and Maggie M. Werner
Beyond Talking Heads: Sourced Comics and the Affordances of Multimodality
Kate Comer Illustrating Praxis: Comic Composition, Narrative Rhetoric, and Critical Multiliteracies
Molly J. Scanlon The Work of Comics Collaborations: Considerations of Multimodal Composition for Writing Scholarship and Pedagogy


Course Design

Leah Misemer
The Graphic Novel
Aaron Kashtan
Handwriting and Typography


Where We Are: Intersections

Susan Kirtley
The Underdog Disciplines: Comics Studies and Composition and Rhetoric
Shannon Walters
Graphic Disruptions: Comics, Disability and De-Canonizing Composition
Erin Kathleen Bahl Comics and Scholarship: Sketching the Possibilities


Book Reviews

Tammie M. Kennedy, Jessi Thomsen, and Erica Trabold

Comics and Composition, Comics as Composition: Navigating Production and Consumption

Books under review: Contemporary Comics Storytelling, by Karin Kukkonen; Linguistics and the Study of Comics, edited by Frank Bramlett; Narrative Structure in Comics: Making Sense of Fragments, by Barbara Postema

Janine Morris

Multimodal Literacies and Graphic Memoir: Using Alison Bechdel in the Classroom

Books under review: Are You My Mother? A Comic Drama, by Alison Bechdel; Fun Home: A Family Tragicomic, by Alison Bechdel

Peter Brooks Re/Framing Identifications, edited by Michelle Ballif
Molly J. Scanlon Understanding Rhetoric: A Graphic Guide to Writing, by Elizabeth Losh, Jonathan Alexander, Kevin Cannon, and Zander Cannon
Jason Luther
DIY Citizenship: Critical Making and Social Media, edited by Matt Ratto and Megan Boler