Spring 1999, 27.1



Peter Elbow Using the Collage for Collaborative Writing
Paul Kei Matsuda and Tony Silva Cross-Cultural Composition:  Mediated Integration of US and International Students


Course Designs

Helen Fox Unteaching Racism


Review Essays

John Schilb

Anthologizing Composition Studies

Books under review: Landmark Essays on Voice and Writing, edited by Peter Elbow; Landmark Essays on Writing Process, edited by Sondra Pearl; Cross-Talk in Comp Theory: A Reader, edited by Victor Villaneuva Jr.; and Composition in Four Keys: Inquiring Into the Field: Nature, Art, Science, Politics, edited by Mark Wiley, Barbara Gleason, and Louise Wetherbee Phelps

Heather Brodie Graves

Public Discourse, Academic Insight, and Embracing Difference:  How We Might Teach, Research, and Live

Books under review: Situated Stories: Valuing Diversity in Composition Research, edited by Emily Decker and Kathleen Geissler; Third Wave Agenda: Being Feminist, Doing Feminism, edited by Leslie Haywood and Jennifer Drake; Textual Orientations: Lesbian and Gay Students and the Making of Discourse Communities, by Harriet Malinowitz; Common Ground: Feminist Collaboration in the Academy, edited by Elizabeth Peck and JoAnna Stephens Mink

Elizabeth Rankin

Reflections on Academic Writing

Books under review: Turns of Thought: Teaching Composition as Reflexive Inquiry, by Donna Qualley; Reflection in the Writing Classroom, by Kathleen Blake Yancey

Dana Harrington

The Ethical Turn in English Studies

Book under review: Foregrounding Ethical Awareness in Composition and English Studies, edited by Sheryl Fontaine and Susan M. Hunter

Greg Wilson, Carl G. Herndl, and Julie Simon

Playing in Traffic:  Cultural Studies and Composition Pedagogy

Books under review: Writing Permitted in Designated Areas Only, by Linda Brodkey; Reading Culture: Contexts for Critical Reading and Writing, by Diana George and John Trimbur; Class Issues: Pedagogy, Cultural Studies, and the Public Sphere, edited by Amitava Kmar; Miss Grundy Doesn't Teach Here Anymore:  Popular Culture and the Composition Classroom, edited by Diane Penrod

Kathy J. Wolfe

Crisis, Change, Opportunity:  A Resituated WPA Reviews Resituating Writing

Book under review: Resituating Writing: Constructing and Administering Writing Programs, edited by Joseph Janangelo and Kristine Hansen



Deans/Goodman; Fulkerson