Spring 2004, 32.1


Editor's Note

Carrie Leverenz Editor's Note: Remembering Wendy Bishop



E. Shelley Reid Uncoverage in Composition Pedagogy
Kathleen J. Ryan Memory, Literacy, and Invention: Reimagining the Canon of Memory for the Writing Classroom
Mark Panek Active Reading in the Multicultural Composition Classroom
Lena M. Ampadu Gumbo Ya ya: Tapping Cultural Stories to Teach Composition


Course Design

Amy Goodburn, Heather Camp English 354: Advanced Composition Writing Ourselves/Communities into Public Conversations


Review Essay

Edward M. White The Changing Face of Writing Assessment


Book Reviews

Ruth Mirtz Writing with Elbow, edited by Pat Belanoff, Marcia Dickson, Sheryl I. Fontaine, and Charles Moran
Matt Smith Teaching with your Mouth Shut by Donald Finkel
Bonnie Kathryn Smith What Our Speech Disrupts: Feminism and Creative Writing Studies by Katharine Haake
Rebecca L. Jackson Questioning Authority: Stories Told in School, edited by Linda Adler Kassner and Susanmarie Harrington
Bruce Horner Mainstreaming Basic Writers: Politics, and Pedagogies of Access, edited by Gery McNenny and Sallyanne H. Fitzgerald
Pat Belanoff Composition, Pedagogy & the Scholarship of Teaching, edited by Deborah Miner and Amy M. Goodburn
Aesha Adams A Community Text Arises: A Literate Text and a Literacy Tradition in African-American Churches by Beverly Moss
Kelly Lowe The Writing Program Administrator as Theorist: Making Knowledge Work, edited by Shirley Rose and Irwin Weiser
Mary Lamb Tuned In: Television and the Teaching of Writing by Bronwyn T. Williams