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Call for Six-Word Essays: My Mundane Professional Life

Due January 15, 2019

Composition Studies invites contributions to the Where We Are section of the journal, which brings together contributions that highlight where we are as a field on matters current and compelling.

We are seeking contributions for our Spring 47.1 (2019) issue that comment on mundane aspects of professional life in the six-word format made famous by Ernest Hemingway: “For sale: baby shoes, never worn.” Our belief is that ordinary, mundane experiences of everyday life in the academy, and in writing studies more specifically, can reveal organizational rules, values, norms, and expected and coerced forms of participation, and much more. We also think that your collective sentences will be fun to read. No content guidelines; we’re eager to see what you come up with!

Submit six-word essays to by January 15, 2019. Send questions to with subject line of Six-Word Submission.