What steps do I need to take to initiate my order, once I’ve determined which services I need?

Step 1: Complete and return your Application for Services to Erin Bartley.

Step 2: If you are NOT sending live animals, complete and return your Sample Submission Form to Erin Bartley.

If you ARE sending live animals, please review the UCLAMS SOP for accepting mice, complete and return your Animal ID Form to Erin Bartley, and submit an AHR to ribarsl@uc.edu.


Where should I submit my samples?

Erin Bartley
University of Cincinnati
2120 East Galbraith Rd, A-265
Cincinnati, OH 45237


What are the volume requirements for the assays your center provides?

Assay Volume Requirements


If I have less than 38 samples for a service that is priced as “per set of 38”, will I be charged less?

No.  The cost to perform these assays is the same for 1 sample up to 38 samples.  The same concept applies to services that are priced as a set of 12.

How do I separate out serum or plasma from the whole blood collected from my animal?

Serum & Plasma Preparation Information