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The application for Fall 2020 is now live. 

Make an impact. Change somebody's life.

Working at the Learning Commons is a great opportunity for UC students. The Learning Commons is a friendly place where employees can meet new friends, but that is not all. Being a Learning Commons employee offers competitive pay, flexible hours, resume building, and a great opportunity to help your fellow UC students when they need academic support.

If you are interested in becoming an Academic Coach, Peer Tutor, Supplemental Instruction Leader, Learning Assistant, MASS Tutor, or Peer Leader, read through the positions and apply today! 

Want to know more about these positions?  

  • Stop by our information tables in the TUC Atrium

        January 29th 12:00PM – 1:30PM

  • Come to an information session in February in 60 W CHARL 227

   February 5th 6:00PM – 7:00PM

              February 10th 6:00PM – 7:00PM

              February 13th 12:00PM – 1:00PM


Learning Commons Co-Op Opportunity

Working in the Learning Commons is a recognized campus co-op. A component of your first term of employment includes mandatory registration in a one-credit hour professional development course (COOP 1000) with the Division of Experience-Based Learning and Career Education. In cases where registration would incur a cost, there is a 0-credit option. In addition, there are a limited number of recognized exemptions to this requirement. You can learn more about the class below and about the enrollment criteria and exemptions via the position acceptance form.  

By enrolling in COOP 1000, Learning Commons employees will have the opportunity to

  • Receive additional professional development coaching
  • Earn experiential learning credit
  • Get valuable feedback from faculty in Experience-Based Learning and Career Education 
  • Develop leadership skills and translate your work experience on campus for future employment

For Honor’s students, this course is the only way to earn an Honors experience through the Learning Commons during your first semester of employment. Questions about your Honors experience requirements can be directed to your Honors Advisor.

Are you ready to apply? 

  1. Explore and research the different positions you can apply for by clicking on any of the position links below.
  2. Apply to work for the Learning Commons.  
    For Fall 2020 positions, the application opens on January 27th. This application allows you to apply for all student staff positions within the Learning Commons. You are able to select more than one position you want to apply for within the application, but you should not select all positions.  Click here to apply!

*Note, you will need at least two recommenders for your application. Recommender forms must be submmitted by Friday, March 13th. Use the position links below to learn more about the recommender requirements as they differ by position. Please reach out to your recommenders prior to applying. An e-mail will be sent to the people you list as recommenders upon submitting your application. If you need to add a recommender after submitting your application, call the Learning Commons front desk at (513) 556-3244. 

We will be accepting applications on a rolling basis until all positions are filled. To guarantee that your application is reviewed, apply by the priority deadline on February 14th

  1. Interviews will be conducted in February through early April. You will be contacted by the Learning Commons to set up your interview via your UC email account. To verify or ask questions about your interview, call the Learning Commons front desk at (513) 556-3244. 
  2. Offer Letters will be extended to new hires via email to your UC email account the week of March 23rd or April 6th

Information for Recommenders

Have you been asked to complete the recommendation form? Before filling it out, read through the position descriptions and job-specific recommendation requirements found in the position links below.

Do you have a question about the application, recommendation form, or need a new link to the form? Call the Learning Commons front desk at (513) 556-3244 or email a professional staff member connected to the position. To find out more about our professional staff and connected programs, go to our Learning Commons Professional Staff page.


**Please note that all Recommender Froms are due by Friday, March 13th.**

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