Academic Writing Center Positions

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Primary Responsibilities:

Academic Writing Center (AWC) Tutors are high-achieving UC students who are interested in providing academic support to their fellow students. Tutors are recruited from colleges across the university to provide assistance with writing from all manner of disciplines and genres. The AWC Tutors’ primary roles are:

·         Facilitating tutoring sessions with UC students in the Academic Writing Center in Langsam Library

·         Attending all scheduled tutoring sessions on time and be prepared to assist the student as required

·         Providing a safe space for students to learn and make mistakes using strategies learned through training workshops

·         Attending trainings as required to continually develop tutoring skills

·         Maintaining a professional attitude about matters such as class standards, grades, and other student complaints

·         Modeling appropriate professional attitudes and behaviors to all UC staff, faculty, and students

·         Acting as a representative for the Academic Writing Center on campus

Required Course:

All undergraduate writing tutors must enroll in and complete the ENGL3005 Pedagogy for Peer Tutors course, which is only offered during the spring semester.

In this course, students learn about the contextual, theoretical, and practical elements of English tutor pedagogy. Learning how to tutor a diverse student population in the writing process requires an intricate combination of knowledge and skills, and this course, through a variety of interactive learning experiences, will ensure that prospective tutors grasp the foundational elements of tutoring. This is the crucial first step to becoming an AWC tutor.


Competitive AWC Tutor applicants will have:

·         At least one year of college complete and at least one semester at UC (by the start of employment)

·         3.3 GPA or above required (and must maintain a 3.3 University GPA and a 3.0 Term GPA in order to remain eligible employed)

·         B+ in English composition courses

·         Strong interpersonal and communication skills (to be determined by the Program Coordinator)

·         Undergraduate students must have completed the spring semester course ENGL3005, Pedagogy for Peer Tutors

·         Graduate students must have a strong pedagogical background

Questions? Contact the Learning Commons front desk at (513) 556 – 3244 or email the professional staff member supervising the position. Go to the Learning Commons Professional Staff page for details on the supervisor you should contact.