COVID-19 Updates:

Learning Assistants

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Special Announcement: Learning Assistants will continue to support faculty doing appropriate tasks as determined by those faculty for their courses that are moving remotely.  LAs will also provide help answering student questions through course-specific Blackboard or Canvas platforms with faculty guidance.

Learning Assistants participate in large-lecture classrooms to help faculty create active and engaging learning spaces. Acting as a Learning Assistant (LA) allows students to build close professional connections with faculty members, review important material for their major or post-UC career, and support their peers.

Students acting as LAs work in a small teaching team with faculty members who are invested in implementing ‘hands on,’ application-based learning in and outside the classroom. From an LA’s perspective, that might include facilitating group discussion, guiding student groups through problem sets, or meeting with students outside of class to discuss key concepts.

Learn more about the requirements and benefits for students seeking to work as an LA.

Faculty members interested in having a LA should read the requirements and benefits of having an LA assigned to your class.

LAs can work in conjunction with other Peer Education supports such as Supplemental Instruction or Supplemental Review Sessions.