Learning Styles & Study Habits

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These resources will help you identify not only how you learn, but how you can approach learning. At the Learning Commons, we emphasize that all learners can be successful with persistence and organization, and these resources are meant to help you identify whether you are effectively using your time, evaluate your weekly and semester schedule to pinpoint busy periods, and calculate where you stand with your current and past classes.

Look around and check out our other pages for additional resources on reading and note taking strategies!

How good is your time management?
(Mind Tools)

Are you a procrastinator?
 (Mind Tools)

Study Habits Checklist

Weekly Time Management Grid

Calculate GPA

Strategies for Aural Learners

Strategies for Visual Learners

Strategies for Kinesthetic Learners

Semester Time Management Grid

Course Task List (Excel File)

To view an Excel document, you will need Microsoft Excel.

How to Study.org

Multiple Intelligences Quiz

To view this PDF document, you will need Adobe Acrobat Reader, a free download.