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Learning Commons Professional Staff



Michela Buccini
Interim Director


Master of Education, College Student Personnel - University of Dayton
Bachelor of Arts, Public Relations with a Minor in Sociology - University of Dayton

Michela oversees the Academic Coaching program

One piece of advice for students: College is your time to find out what you are passionate about- what you want to learn and how you want to be involved. Take a risk and go outside your comfort zone to learn something new. Who knows- it could be what you end up loving.

Stacey Martin

Stacey Martin

Assistant Director 


Master of Science, Student Affairs and Higher Education - Indiana State University

Bachelor of Arts, Communication Studies - Northern Kentucky University

Stacey provides direct oversight in the administration of the Learning Community Program and other First-Year Initiatives. She works directly with Peer Leader Coordinators and Peer Leaders to provide first-year support and mentorship to Learning Communities across campus.

One piece of advice for students: Don’t be afraid to ask for help. There are so many great faculty and staff at UC available to assist you in your path through college. Get involved, meet new people, try new experiences, and be proud to be a Bearcat!

Megan Bucks Photo

Megan Bucks
Associate Director

Doctor of Philosophy, Organic Chemistry - Purdue University
Bachelor of Science, Chemistry - Grove City College

Megan oversees the MASS Center, Supplementary Review Sessions program, Supplemental Instruction program, Learning Assistant program, and Academic Writing Center.  She focuses on working with faculty who integrate academic supports into their teaching initiatives and, in particular, with the Great Gateways courses.

One piece of advice to students:  Invest in developing your oral and written communications skills because they will be essential for success in any profession that you choose.  Take classes, seek writing support, and identify opportunities to speak and write frequently to increase your comfort level.  Others will realize the impact of your professional accomplishments only if you speak and write about your work effectively.


Brittany Miller
Educational Advisor for Learning Communities


Bachelor of Science, Neuroscience and Biological Sciences–Biomedical Studies - University of Cincinnati

Brittany is responsible for providing leadership for designated areas of the Learning Community Peer Leader Program, as well as other select initiatives within the Learning Commons.  Specifically, she oversees the Peer Leader interview and selection process, the Peer Leader observation process, and is directly responsible for the Learning Commons alumni group and Peer Educator recognition efforts.

One piece of advice to students: Never be afraid to ask for help!  UC and the Learning Commons offer a lot of incredible resources.  Take advantage of them early… don’t wait!

Rebecca Elliott Photo

Rebecca Elliott
Educational Advisor for Peer Tutoring

Master of Education, Higher Education - University of Dayton
Bachelor of Arts, German Studies - University of Cincinnati

Rebecca coordinates the one-on-one Peer Tutoring for both the general student body and student-athletes.

One piece of advice for students: There is no substitute for time on task. Everyone takes a different amount of time to learn something well so make sure to budget the time you need to really master the content.

Hannah Williamson Photo

Hannah Williamson
Educational Advisor for First-Year Initiatives


Master of Education, Higher Education - University of Dayton
Bachelor of Science, Middle Childhood Education - University of Dayton

Hannah oversees the programs within the Learning Commons that focus directly on the first year students. With a background as a K-12 teacher and other universities, she designs and supports first year experience programs for different schools and colleges on UC’s campus.

One piece of advice to students: Explore campus and get to know what FREE resources are available to you! UC offers many different resources to help navigate the hard parts of college (like financial aid, studying, time management, roommate issues, finding support networks, mental health, etc.). You can’t use what you don’t know…so find out and learn about what you can use to have an even more successful college experience.  


Samantha Marita
Educational Advisor for Math and Science Support Center


Doctor of Philosophy, Educational Studies - University of Cincinnati
Master of Arts, Educational Studies - University of Cincinnati
Bachelor of Science, Special Education - University of Cincinnati

Samantha oversees the student staff for the Supplemental Review Sessions program and the MASS Center, which provide support for students in Calculus and many other math and science courses.

One piece of advice for students: Seek out new and challenging experiences. You will not only build up your resume, but may find yourself enjoying something you had not considered.

Wanda French Photo

Wanda French
Program Manger


Bachelors of Science, Business - University of Phoenix

Wanda manages the annual creation and enrollment of Learning Communities.   Providing viable learning communities that support student achievement of specified learning goals/outcomes.


Adrienne Piontek
Program Manager


Bachelor of Arts, Psychology with a Minor in Sociology – University of California, Davis

Adrienne supports the office by coordinating recruiting, hiring, selection, onboarding, and weekly timekeeping for student staff members. 

One piece of advice to students:  Introduce yourself to and get to know your professors!  These people will be your references and advocates later in life; you will want them to remember your name when the semester is over. 


Courtney Amicon
Program Coordinator


Bachelor of Arts, Cultural Anthropology and Social Complexity Archaeology – University of Cincinnati

Courtney supports all aspects of the office by planning events, coordinating logistics, managing external communications, and handling office management and technology. She also works closely with Wanda to help create Learning Communities for first year students.

One piece of advice for students: don’t be afraid to try something new and learn to be ok with failure. UC offers opportunities to explore any kind of interest you have – academic, social, career-focused – so try something new every semester! And remember, no one is an expert the first time they try something, so don’t feel dissuaded if you fail the first time or first few times.