Your Guide to Navigating Course Materials


Considering purchasing Cengage Unlimited® to gain access to your required materials? Review this overview to learn more, and understand additional steps you may need to take if your course is part of includED®.


Choosing Course Materials: Consider Budget and Learning Needs

Consider these factors:

  • Faculty requirements
  • Custom materials, only at UC Bookstores
  • Available formats
  • Long vs. short-term need
  • Acquire to be prepared on day 1 of class


Create a strategy that works for you. Remember, you can mix and match strategies each semester to fit your budget and needs.

  • Purchase new or used PRINT
  • RENT new or used
  • UC SmartBooks
  • Buyback
  • Borrow from classmate or library

So What IS includED®?

See this logo on your course materials list? You don't have to shop for those materials!

includED® is a program that takes advantage of UC buying power, especially for large enrollment classes, so students do not need to buy their book/workbook/access code, etc. It is included with the semester course fee.

There are big savings for students with this program - 40% or more!


A Faculty Perspective

Professor Joyce Malek

“The English Composition Program selects books and other materials that help students analyze published texts, plan their own writing, and draft strong academic arguments. There is a clear correlation between students’ engagement with the required texts and their growth as writers. In short, students who make good use of their books get better grades while deriving long-term value from the courses.”

Professor Joyce Malek
Coordinator of First Year Writing
McMicken College of Arts & Sciences

include ED
rent a text
uc smartbooks

UC SmartBooks - Significant Savings & Rich Features

UC Smartbooks can be accessed anytime, anywhere.

UC Smartbooks are interactive, digital books only at UC Bookstores. Be versatile working online or offline, on phone, tablet, or computer. Sync across devices online and share with your classmates’ and professor’s notes and highlights.

Dive into your UC SmartBook and see that it is not just a digital book. There are significant savings using UC Smartbooks with 40% of titles available, and growing!