Award Winners

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Congratulations to Our 2017-2018 Winners & Finalists! 

 Andrew Emmert - Andrew is a Medical Sciences major who is a recipient of the 2018 Goldwater Scholarship.

Isaac Stamper - As a Biomedical Engineering sutdnet, Isaac received a presitguoys Honorable Mention for the Goldwater.  

Ishan Anand

Ishan Anand (Biomedical Engineering) is the second UC student to receive the prestigious Schwarzman Scholarship.  This will allow Ishan to pursue a Master’s degree at Tsinghua University in Beijing. The Schwarzman program has been designedto prepare the next generation of global leaders for the challenges of the future. While at UC, Ishan worked for years in UC's co-op program, learning firsthand about the new field of pharmacogenomics along product research and discovery.  Along with other students at UC, he developed EnableUC, a student organization established in 2015 that builds free prosthetic hands and devices using 3D printing. Ishan now joins the Schwarzman Scholar class of 2019.

Mohamed Elzarka

Mohamed Elzarka was a Liberal Arts, International Human Rights, and Neurobiology major in the University Honors Program. He is the recipient of a 2017 Truman Scholarship, which is awarded to students dedicated to public service, and a 2017 Fulbright Study/Research grant to Bosnia and Herzegovina. In Bosnia and Herzegovina, Mohamed is conducting mental health research with the Wings of Hope Foundation in Sarajevo on the development of psychosocial care as a result of the Yugoslav Civil War. He is exploring the community-oriented nature of the organization’s work, and how this methodology is related to important determinants of mental healthcare access and outcomes. This research is helping him to complete his Master’s in Public Health, with a concentration in Global Health, which he will earn in 2018. After completing his research in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Mohamed will pursue an MD/PhD. An MD, combined with a PhD, in either epidemiology or public health policy will allow him to practice medicine clinically as a neurologist or psychiatrist and contribute to public health policy on issues of mental health. He also hopes to one day mitigate the effects of, or slow the progression of, Alzheimer’s disease and other neurodegenerative conditions through his research. In 2016, Mohamed was named an Honorable Mention for the Goldwater Scholarship, which recognizes excellence in STEM research.

Mary (Grace) Sprockett, who received her BA in History and Secondary Education, received a Fulbright ETA grant to teach in the Slovak Republic.

Katherine Paul, received a Fulbright Study/Research grant to study in Germany.  She is receiving her Ph.D. in German Studies.

Mariah Cain, who received her BS in Secondary English Education, will continue her studies on a Fulbright ETA grant to teach English in Greece.

Madeline Perry, will be traveling to Guatelmala on a Fulbright Study.Research grant after graduating from UC with her MD degree.

Robert "Eastman" Johnson, who has recieved his Masters degree in Urban Planning, will be traveling to Morocco on a Fulbright Study/Research grant. 

Anna Layman, who received her BS degree in Medical Sciences, is a finalist for the Truman Scholarship.

Mary Siskaninetz, who received her BS degree in Health Education, is a finalist for the Truman Scholarship.

Stacy Grover, who received her MS in Women, Gender, and Sexuality Studies, will be traveling next to China.

Madelyn LeembruggenMadelyn double majored in Astrophysics and Mathematics at UC where she was also a member of the University Honors Program, a Cincinnatus Scholar and a Louis Stokes Alliances for Minority Participation Scholar. She previosuly was honored with the 2017 Goldwater Scholarship.  She will now be using the prestigous Ford PRedoctoral Fellowship to obtain a PhD in Physics at Harvard to conduct theoretical cosmology research, teach at the university level, and communicate her research results through popular science literature and lectures.