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Resolve the Stresses of Everyday Life and Be Well UC

A partnership with the Buddhist Dharma Center of Cincinnati brings quiet meditation courses to Communiversity and earns points toward the UC Be Well program.

Date: 6/4/2018 12:00:00 AM
By: Cassie Lipp

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close up of hands while sitting and meditating

In a quiet setting, little by little, so much can be discovered and the stresses of everyday life can be resolved. Whether you would like to explore meditation or have been practicing for years, the Buddhist Dharma Center of Cincinnati invites you to join them for courses offered in partnership with Communiversity.

In Heart of Meditation: Constant Craving, students will learn to use the tools of insight meditation, explore the realms of the Hungry Ghosts – craving, thirst, and clinging – and the path the Buddha taught as a way to liberation. The course involves a variety of meditation techniques. No prior experience is needed. Chairs and cushions are provided; wear comfortable clothing. No particular belief system is required or desired for this course.

“Insight meditation is about seeing clearly what is,” course instructor Sue Noble said. “When we allow our thoughts to settle, to become less thick, insights or truths arise. It’s like letting a snow globe settle to reveal the scene inside.  We usually keep the snow globe agitated. Insight meditation gives tools for this process.”

Heart of Meditation is a yearlong program. The summer session takes place from 7 to 8:30 p.m. Thursdays from July 5 to 26 at the Buddhist Dharma Center of Cincinnati on Hamilton Avenue in Northside. The course fee is $59. This program, along with all Communiversity classes, can be logged as 10 pop-up points for those eligible for the University of Cincinnati Be Well UC employee wellness program.

“The Buddha taught that any craving – whether it be for fame, wealth, comfort or substances to relieve the stress of reality – is a source of suffering,” Noble said. “By looking at our craving in its many forms and by seeing clearly how craving causes suffering, we quit hanging on so tightly.”  

Noble is a board member of the Cincinnati Buddhist Dharma Center and has been practicing since 2010. She has more than 100 days of silent meditation retreat experience and is a co-leader of the Dharma Center’s beginner session.

The Buddhist Dharma Center of Cincinnati provides an open and supportive environment for practicing meditation and studying the dharma. Openness and inclusiveness are at the heart of dharma teachings and practice; the center is committed to kindness and respect for others, regardless of race, religion, cultural expressions, gender, gender identity, age or abilities.  All are welcome!

Communiversity offers fun and innovative continuing education courses to enrich the lives of those around Cincinnati and beyond. With locations both on UC Victory Parkway Campus and around Cincinnati, Communiversity makes it easy for working professionals, retirees, and other lifelong learners to develop new skills and hobbies.

To register for Heart of Meditation: Constant Craving, visit our website or call (513) 556-6932 and press 2.