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UC Answers: How do I stay safe when I return to campus?

UC student body president shares ways UC is keeping campus safe for students in the time of COVID-19

Logan Lindsay is the University of Cincinnati student body president and a student in UC’s College of Engineering and Applied Science. He is working with members of UC Student Government and UC Athletics on a student safety campaign.

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Q: How can I attend classes at UC in the fall while also being smart about COVID-19?

Logan Lindsay: The classes that are going to be online versus in person will be determined on a program by program basis. With each and every major being so unique, this is the best approach to ensure that students have the best academic experience. I would recommend frequently checking your classes on Catalyst and reaching out to your academic adviser to see which courses are online and which are in person. Your academic department will be keeping student safety at the forefront when deciding which classes should be online or not.

Q: What are some safety measures that have been put in place on campus to reduce exposure to coronavirus?

Lindsay: The university has been planning for every situation to ensure that student exposure to the coronavirus is minimal. All students, staff and faculty will be required to wear masks when on campus. Lectures will be held in bigger classrooms, and there will be many signs and markings to ensure that everyone on campus is following social distancing. The university has also invested in hundreds of sanitizer dispensers to be dispersed throughout our campuses.

Q: How do you think UC students will handle the challenge of social distancing and wearing masks when needed?

Lindsay: The thing about this pandemic is that it affected each and every UC student in one aspect or another. Students had family members become ill, hundreds lost their co-ops and summer jobs, we all experienced “lasts” this past spring without even realizing it. These are difficulties that students do not want to experience again, and as a result, I am confident that the Bearcat community will come together to follow the safety guidelines set by the university.

Q: I’m worried about missing out on the college experience during my first semester. What do you think?

Lindsay: COVID-19 has left us all with a new sense of appreciation for the little things. Although college in the fall may not feel exactly like you expected, these little things in college will mean so much more to you when things return back to normal. After experiencing remote classes, I am very appreciative of the opportunity to return to campus even in a hybrid setting.

Q: How can I maintain a sense of normalcy?

Lindsay: You would be surprised with how normal things can still feel when adhering to the safety guidelines. I was worried, too, that we would never get back to a sense of normalcy, but recent demonstrations showed me that you can attend events and be with a group of people just like before. The only difference is we’re wearing masks and socially distancing.

Keeping students safe

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