COVID-19 Update: December 22, 2020

We look forward to your arrival for Spring Semester at the University of Cincinnati, where you have been identified as a student with an in-person/hybrid class or lab or who participates in other on-campus activities such a work, research, exercise, dining, etc.  

If you have been coming onto campus in the recent Fall 2020 Semester, you are likely already familiar with UC’s COVID Check App. In Fall, use of the App’s daily health check was required for access to campus facilities like the Campus Recreation Center and dining halls. 

As outlined in the December 3 message by UC President Neville Pinto, clearance via the App’s daily health check will be required in Spring Semester for access to not only the CRC and dining halls but to libraries and Tangeman University Center. Moreover, all classroom and lab faculty will be encouraged to check the App for “Green Pass” status before admitting students into academic and research spaces.  
You will begin Spring term with a "Yellow Pass." On January 5, the COVID Check App status of all UC students will turn “Yellow,” signifying limited access to campus facilities until students complete (and receive results from) the free, fast Return to Campus COVID-19 testing to be offered on campus starting January 6. Our on-campus COVID testing requires just 5 minutes to complete. A registration link for a Return to Campus testing appointment is already posted.  

  • Return to Campus testing will be offered on the Uptown Campus Jan. 6-24, from 11 a.m.- 7 p.m. each day, on the basketball courts on the lower level of the Campus Recreation Center. (Important note: Testing will not be available on Monday, Jan. 18, due to the Martin Luther King, Jr. Holiday.)

Plan to get tested 3 days before any on-campus activities you might be planning – whether  that’s a class, lab, work, research, exercise, dining or recreation. Because once tested, you will receive results within 48-72 hours. Negative test results will be emailed. Once you have a negative test result in Return to Campus testing, your “Yellow Pass” will transition to “Green,” removing the campus access restrictions. 

Students receiving a positive test result will receive a “Red Pass” and a directive to isolate as well as support from both UC’s Division of Student Affairs and University Health Services. 

If you fail to participate in Return to Campus COVID testing and don’t receive an exemption from this required testing, your access to activities on the Uptown Campus will remain restricted. 

Ongoing mitigation testing throughout spring semester

Any students coming to the Uptown Campus for in-person activities may be selected for required COVID-19 mitigation testing to be held weekly throughout the term as a measure to help maintain the safety of the campus community. Please review what to expect and exemption protocols on the Testing page.  Unless a student receives an exemption from required testing, failure to obtain a test will result in restriction of campus access and a directive to quarantine until testing is completed. 

Exposure and symptomatic testing

If you develop COVID-19 symptoms or have a known exposure to infected individuals, you may call 513-556-2564 for an appointment at University Health Services Testing Center.

Healthy behaviors

Along with testing, healthy behaviors are important to reducing COVID-19 viral transmission and spread. When healthy behaviors are consistently and conscientiously practiced, the risk to the entire community is significantly reduced. These include

  • Social distancing (required on UC’s campus)
  • Facial coverings (required on UC’s campus)
  • Hand and surface hygiene and cleaning (required on UC’s campus)
  • Staying home when ill (required of all members of the campus community)

For the latest information about the university’s response to COVID-19, visit