The Conversation U.S.: How should schools teach kids about the U.S. insurrection?

Faculty member Sarah Stitzlein expounds on how teachers explain current events.

An article in in The Conversation U.S. asked six education experts how teachers — and parents — can help young people comprehend, analyze and process what happened on Jan. 6, 2020.  

“Young people should be encouraged to imagine how life can be better in America as a way to build hope with their peers,” says Sarah Stitzlein, UC professor of education and affiliate professor of philosophy.

Stitzlein is president of the John Dewey Society, co-editor of the journal, Democracy & Education, and co-director of the Center for Hope & Justice Education. As a philosopher of education, she uses political philosophy to uncover problems in education, analyze educational policy, and envision better alternatives.

Read the entire article.

The article was reprinted in The Pennsylvania Capitol Star.

Featured image at top of teacher with a small group of kindergarten students. Photo/Adobe

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