The Buzz: Let’s talk about the vaccine and the Black community

UC family medicine physician offers the facts about the COVID-19 vaccine

Louito Edje, MD, associate dean of graduate medical education in the UC College of Medicine and UC Medical Center, was a radio show guest on the Lincoln Ware Show in Cincinnati to take questions from members of the public about the COVID-19 vaccination process. Edje discussed what is in the vaccine. “I have heard several queries and questions and one them is that this vaccine has virus in it and that is a falsehood,” Edje, a family medicine physician, told listeners. “There is not a single particle of virus in the vaccine. It contains mRNA, which is like a snapchat message on how to make one part of the virus, the spike protein, and that message gets sealed in a tiny, tiny droplet of fat and then it get injected into the body. When the body sees that it makes antibodies against it which basically helps the body destroy the virus if we ever get exposed.”

Listen to the interview with Louito Edje, MD, on the Buzz Cincy online.

(Interview starts around the 45 minute mark.)

Featured image of a vaccination is courtesy of Unsplash.

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